The Pirate Day is a tv special to during fun with...The Kids Next Door to defeat Pale Bay Leaf and his Monsters.

The Game of HonurEdit

King Mondo attempts to rule the Earth's waterways by building a fleet of ships under an invisible field.

Underwater AdventureEdit

Billy must overcome his fear of fish to save his friends from Rita's fishy new monster.

The Mutant Power RangersEdit

Tommy works on improving his memory while Rita creates a team of evil Mutant Rangers led by Commander Crayfish.

A Oyster StewEdit

Zack seeks to impress Angela by giving her a pair of pearl earrings, unaware they are Rita's cursed Pearls of Stillness.

The Mirror TrickEdit

The Power Rangers use an unusual defense against a vain monster sent by Lord Zedd.

The Message of MillenniumEdit

The Blue Senturion time travels to present-day Angel Grove with a message from the future for Dimitria.

The Wheel of FateEdit

Two intelligent cars from outer space called Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster travel to Earth.

The Delta DiscoveryEdit

The Phantom Ranger discovers where Dark Specter is hiding Zordon.

Pale Bay Leaf and his MonstersEdit

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