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Return of the Green Ranger is a tv special of the three-parter to during fun with...The Kids Next Door meet the Clone Tommy Oliver to a plan The Wizard of Deception to help a summon King Sombra from the Crystal Empire & take over the plan in the back in time of country style known as...The Palace 18th Century of Angel Grove.

Return of the Green RangerEdit

  • The evil Green Ranger returns and Tommy is forced to confront him alone.
  • The Rangers are stuck in the year 1774 and find they are unable to morph as the evil Green Ranger continues his destructive rampage.
  • Rita traps Kimberly, Tommy and Rocky inside a book of fairy tales.

King Sombra and the Rat MonstersEdit

King Sombra grins evilly S9E1
MMPRS2 Classixx - Rat Monsters

Numbuh 1 vs. Green RangerEdit

Numbuh 1
MMPRS2 Classixx - Green Ranger (Ep. 45)
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