PR Classixx All-Star is a tv special episode to during fun with...The Power Rangers, Space Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Phantom Ranger, Blue Turbo Ranger and Adam the Black Ranger. including MMPR & PRIS. The Kids Next Door battle with Pale Bay Leaf and his Monsters in the all-star team.

Episode 1 - The Wanna-Be RangerEdit

Lord Zedd attacks with a monster that can morph from one Power Ranger into another.

Episode 2 - Shell ShockedEdit

The Space Rangers meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Episode 3 - The Delta DiscoveryEdit

The Phantom Ranger discovers where Dark Specter is hiding Zordon.

Episode 4 - True Blue to the RescueEdit

Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger, returns to help the Power Rangers.

Episode 5 - Always A ChanceEdit

After accidentally hurting Cassie in battle, Carlos finds his self-confidence shaken, prompting an old Mighty Morphin friend to lend a hand.

Episode 6 - Carlos on CallEdit

Carlos must appease a little girl's every whim to keep his identity a secret.

Pale Bay Leaf and his MonstersEdit

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