A Halloween 25th Anniversary is a TV Special to during fun with...The Kids Next Door goes in The Best of Halloween 25th Anniversary ever.

Shadow RangersEdit

Divatox's Chromite steals the Turbo Rangers' morphing energy to create evil Shadow Rangers.

Food FightEdit

Bulk and his gang seek to ruin the food festival, while Rita sends a gluttonous pig to eat everything on Earth.

Trick or TreatEdit

Kimberly competes against Skull on a game show for a chance to win a brand-new car, while the Pumpkin Rapper seeks to ambush the Rangers.

Never Say NeverEdit

After accidentally hurting Cassie in battle, Carlos finds his self-confidence shaken, prompting an old Mighty Morphin friend to lend a hand.

Midnight Sparkle and his MonstersEdit

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