A Fun of KND like a best, The Halloween is a Halloween episode to during fun with...The Kids Next Door in the Best of Halloween.

Glyph HangerEdit

Divatox summons her ancient Egyptian ex-fiancé, Pharaoh, to battle the Turbo Rangers.

On Fins and NeedlesEdit

The Slippery Shark monster casts a spell over Jason and Tommy, causing them to fight each other.

Enter...The LizzinatorEdit

Kimberly helps her younger cousin try out for the Angel Grove Junior High cheerleading team, while Rita sends the mighty Lizzinator to Earth.

The FailureEdit

Waspicable, a kind-hearted monster from Earth, is torn between his caring nature and his loyalty to his evil brother, Sting King.

Black Narcissus and his MonstersEdit

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