Numbuh Four (A Best of Halloween Character like a Kid) - S3-Official
A Fun of Halloween KND with...Numbuh 4 is a Halloween Episode to during fun with...Numbuh 4 about the real fun of the Bratz Babyz as the Twins as Nita & Nora to goes under the trick-or-treat time.

A Mystery to MeEdit

The teens all dress in classic mystery-character costumes when they participate in a charity event organized by Det. Stone.

Football SeasonEdit

Tommy tries to learn how to play football in time to make the high school team and to stop Rita's Rhino Blaster.

Two Heads Are Better Than OneEdit

Jason and Tommy teach a self-defense class to women while the Rangers fight a two-headed parrot monster.

Fowl PlayEdit

Zack juggles a day of entertaining children with orders to protect Angel Grove from the Peckster, a birdlike monster.

Survival of the Silver RangerEdit

The Rangers discover the cryogenically frozen Silver Ranger, Zhane, who is Andros's best friend.

Pale Bay Leaf and his MonstersEdit

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