A Best of Halloween, The Power Rangers is a TV Special Episode to during fun with...The Kids Next Door are with the Rangers to going mission fight as...Zelkova.

Who Came in from the Gold RangerEdit

When Katherine stages a ballet about King Midas, Louie Kaboom creates the Midas Hound, an idol that changes everything into gold.

No More Green RangerEdit

A giant Turban Shell captures Tommy and transports him to Zedd's Otherworld.

Tommy attempts to retrieve the Rangers' Morphers and escape from Zedd's Otherworld.

The Fall of the Phantom RangerEdit

Gen. Havoc and Divatox set a trap for the Phantom Ranger in order to capture his powerful Phantom Ruby.

Clash of the MegazordsEdit

The Turbo Rangers race to stop the Turbo Megazord and save the Phantom Ranger as his life force ebbs away.

The Delta SpaceshipEdit

The Phantom Ranger discovers where Dark Specter is hiding Zordon.

Zelkova and his MonstersEdit

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