Numbuh One and his Friends in Jamaica is a summer special episode to during fun with Numbuh One and Numbuh 10 in Jamaica it's called Sector J. Pale Bay Leaf sends the monsters with a plan with Lanky Kong. to the summer long weekend with...Nigel Uno and his Friends in Jamaica Party.

A Face from the PastEdit

  • The Lightspeed Rangers take the day off, except for Carter, who spends it training and bonding with Captain Mitchell. The Lightspeed commander reveals not only to have a history in firefighting in common with the Red Ranger, but a greater connection as well! Can Carter and Mitchell save a group of children touring the power plant as it ignites thanks to the evil Shockatron?

Something FishyEdit

  • Jason, Zack, & Trini go scubadiving. Billy's invited, but declines, as this brings up bad memories from his childhood. As a boy, he had a finger-biting experience with a fish! Since then, he's been afraid of aquatic animals. Rita exploits this fear, sending down the Toxic Goo-Fish monster. Can the Blue Ranger manage to overcome his fish phobia, and filet the fiend?

The Power StealerEdit

  • The Ranger teens head yet another clean-up drive in Angel Grove Park. Lord Zedd sends down the Octophantom monster, who siphons off most of Tommy's Green Ranger powers. He also captures a couple of the Rangers, leaving only Billy & Jason to free their friends and defeat Octophantom via his only weakness: his vanity.

The Beetle InvasionEdit

  • Inspired by the Ranger Teens' Broom-ball competition with Stone Canyon, Lord Zedd creates the Stag Beetle monster from the rival team's poster. The Stag Beetle briefly absorbs some of Tommy's waning Green Ranger powers, as expected.

The Doctor Is InEdit

  • Dr. Baron Von Frankenbeans, the creator of the House Monster known simply as Frankenbeans, arrives at Hillhurst for a visit. The doctor runs experiments and tests on Flabber and the other House Monsters to check on their health.


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