Numbuh 1 with the Book of K.N.D.
Numbuh 1 of the Kids Next Door!, The Best of Mid-End is a episode to during fun with...Numbuh 1 and his Operatives to defeat the filly as...Cozy Glow and his Monsters.

Andros and the StowawayEdit

  • An alien infant stows away with Andros, with it’s angered guardian not too far behind.

Birds of a FeatherEdit

  • While Zack trains a young student for a karate tournament, Rita sends her Hatchasaurus down to Earth.

Clean-Up ClubEdit

  • The teens form a Clean-Up Club and take part in cleaning up Angel Grove Park, but Rita has plans of her own and sends Polluticorn after them.

A Bad Reflection on YouEdit

  • Rita creates duplicates of the Power Rangers to ruin their reputations.

Cozy Glow and his MonstersEdit

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