Numbuh 1 & Lynn Loud's Combat Style
Numbuh 1 & Lynn Loud's Combat Style is a summer special episode to during fun Combat Style with Numbuh One and Lynn. Meanwhile Red Pine sends Bopp-A-Roo tp create two combat monsters with Fighting Flea & Mr. Mechanau to challenge Numbuh 1 & Lynn Loud.

Boxing Bopp-A-RooEdit

  • The rivalry of the team's two red-shaded Rangers, Shane and Hunter, grows heated, when they both compete against one another in a multi-sported Total Trek event. The Bopp-a-Roo monster utilizes their alpha-male clashing to beat the team. Will this defeat punch some sense into the pair?

To Flea or Not to FleeEdit

  • While Ernie's Youth Center and Juice Bar is going out of business, a stray dog wanders in, and gives Jason a rash! It's not ordinary rash, but an infection by Rita's newest monster, the Fighting Flea. Can the Rangers find a cure for this itchy menace?

Undercover RangersEdit

  • The brand new Super Strong Gym opens in town, and thanks to its special health drink, even the scrawniest of people now have super strength! The Rangers suspect something is amiss, so Wes and Jen go undercover as potential new members. But tension between the pair threatens their mission! Can they overcome this friction in time to stop Frax from turning the citizens of Silver Hills into living robots? Meanwhile, Alex has a gift for the resident Red Ranger.

Numbuh 1 vs. Fighting FleaEdit

Numbuh 1
MMPRS1 Classixx - Fighting Flea

Lynn Loud vs. Mr. MechanauEdit

S2E08A Sure you won't reconsider
Mr. Mechanau

Red Pine & Bopp-A-RooEdit

Red Pine (Sonic X UK)
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