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Mid-End of a Summer by...Numbuh One of the Kids Next Door is a episode to during those bunch of a end of Summer by...Numbuh One. Meanwhile, Dark Oak having mid-last time for the monsters of hot. can you help with the four Spies.

Weight and SeeEdit

  • The monstrous Numbor takes advantage of Katherine’s struggle with anorexia and makes her lighter than air.

Reign of the JellyfishEdit

  • When the Power Rangers bury a time capsule for Angel Grove High School, Rita, sends down Jellyfish to trap the Power Rangers in an alternate dimension.

The Power StealerEdit

  • While cleaning up Angel Grove, the teens get trapped by Octophantom who attempts to drain the Power Rangers of their powers.

Welcome to Venus IslandEdit

  • When Trini’s young neighbor is kidnapped by Goldar while at the beach with the Power Rangers, they have to act fast and rescue her from the extremely dangerous Venus Island, where the Invenusable Flytrap is awaiting their arrival.

Putty on the BrainEdit

  • Lord Zedd casts a spell on Billy & Zack’s new glasses causing them to think their fellow Ranger friends are Z Putties.


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