Mavis' Roar (The strongdrew941 Crossover)

Mavis' Roar (The strongdrew941 Crossover)

Mavis Roar

Strongdrew941's random video of Hotel Transylvania 2.


Mavis: Transylvania!

The Airport Girl: You wanna go where?

Mavis: Transylvania! As soon as possible!

The Airport Girl: We don't fly direct to Transylvania.

Mavis: You don't?

The Airport Girl: You can go to Bucharest, but you'll have to switch planes in Chicago and then Zurich.

Mavis: So, when would we get there?!.

The Airport Girl: Well, the Chicago flight's delayed due to bad weather.

(Mavis Roars.)

Mr. Krabs: Hey! I'm not on the menu!

(Cogsworth is scared, and he hides from a rug.)

(Gru Screams.)

(Bob and Larry Screams.)

(The Grand Duke Runs.)

(Johnny Bravo Screams.)

(Young Simba flies up and down.)

(Diego, Sid, and Manfred slips up and down on ice.)

(Fluttershy Screams.)

(The Pink Panther jumped up scared.)

(Ozzie, Heather, Quillo, Spike, and Becky flew away.)

(Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, and Snagglepuss runs.)

(Angelica Pickles woke up scared in bed.)

(Gisselle (Animated) falls.)

(Mavis Stop Roaring.)

The Airport Girl: So, two seats in coach.

Mavis: No!

Jonathan: No!

Mavis: Yes!


- Hotel Transylvania 2 (@2015 Sony/Columbia)

- SpongeBob SquarePants (Whelk Attack; @1999- Nickelodeon)

- Beauty and the Beast (@1991 Disney)

- Despicable Me 2 (@2013 Illumination/Universal)

- VeggieTales (Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big Rescue; @1993-2018 Big Idea)

- Cinderella (@1950 Disney)

- Johnny Bravo (Bikini Space Planet; @1997-2004)

- The Lion King (@1994 Disney)

- Ice Age (@2002 Blue Sky/20th Century Fox)

- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Scare Master; @2010 Hasbro)

- The Pink Panther (Pink Elephant; @1969-1982 MGM)

- Over the Hedge (@2006 DreamWorks)

- Casper's First Christmas (@1979 Hanna-Barbera)

- Rugrats (The Santa Experience; @1991-2004 Nickelodeon)

- Enchanted (@2007 Disney)


This is the next one of Roar/Scream/Yell/Burp. And I don't use "Rugrats (1991)". And the last Roar/Scream/Yell/Burp is Alex's Roar.

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