King Sombra (Season 9) - by 76859Thomas - sequel - the parody of disney the lion king - 2019
Long Live the King Sombra is a summer special to during a fun with...King Sombra is the becoming...The Main Villain of the Crystal Empire & destroy the...Kids Next Door.

Opposites AttractEdit

Billy becomes smitten with one of Kimberly’s friends, whilst Lord Zedd transforms the Blue Ranger’s new polarizer device into the monster Magnet Brain.

The Ninja EncounterEdit

Lord Zedd captures Rocky, Adam & Aisha, three martial arts students with the intention of making them his Dark Rangers.

The Power Rangers continue to face the dilemmas poised by the ensnarement of their new friends.

As Lord Zedd prepares to turn his captive Ninja Students to the side of evil, the Power Rangers are finally able to make progress in their bid to rescue their enemies hostage.

The Power TransferEdit

When Jason, Trini & Zack are chosen to be part of the Peace Conference in Switzerland, Lord Zedd seizes the opportunity to unleash his new zord Serpentera on the planet and the universe.

The Power Rangers struggle to escape with the Sword of Light before Serpentera lays waste to the Nameless Planet.

Forever FriendsEdit

There’s tension in the air when Kimberly needs to compete in a gymnastics competition against Aisha’s former best friend, Shawna.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

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