File:Twilight -are you sure it was this table-- S5E22.pngFile:Twilight -how's your trip to Ponyville so far- S7E15.pngFile:Twilight -how could our friendship journal have led- S7E14.png
File:Twilight -how do I look-- S5E3.pngFile:Twilight -it's a nervous habit- EG3.pngFile:Twilight -more than just a cake- S5E23.png
File:Twilight -really listening to each other- S5E23.pngFile:Twilight -should be here any minute- S6E6.pngFile:Twilight -the brightest minds in Equestria- S7E2.png
File:Twilight -the hard back keeps me awake- S7E15.pngFile:Twilight -the luckiest pony in Equestria- S03E13.pngFile:Twilight -they had something to take care of first- S5E19.png
File:Twilight -this is the best prize ever!- S5E19.pngFile:Twilight -we can stay a little while longer- S5E2.pngFile:Twilight -we might just find out what they are- S06E08.png
File:Twilight -we never even got started- S6E10.pngFile:Twilight -who enjoys them and who doesn't- S6E15.pngFile:Twilight -you weren't gonna make it until- S5E19.png
File:Twilight Breaking Down part 1 wedding sceneFile:Twilight Clone vs Chrisalis sa tourne mal season 8File:Twilight Disapproves Trixie (No Second Prances) MLP FiM HD
File:Twilight Dokańcza Zaklęcie - My Little Pony - Sezon 3 - Odcinek 13 "Sposób Na Zaklęcie"File:Twilight Enrolls as Princess of The Fall Formal - MLP Equestria Girls HDFile:Twilight Escapes From Nightmare Moon - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Season 5
File:Twilight Fails at Trixie's Duel (Magic Duel) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Gets Angry With Flurry (A Flurry of Emotions) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Gets Depressed (School Daze) MLP FiM HD
File:Twilight Has A Heart-To-Heart Talk With Celestia (Horse Play) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Lectures Luna (Luna Eclipsed) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Ma Skrzydła, Zostaje Księżniczka - My Little Pony - Sezon 3 - Odcinek 13 "Sposób Na Zaklęci
File:Twilight Ma Zadania - My Little Pony - Sezon 4 - Odcinek 1 "Księżniczka Twilight, Część 1"File:Twilight Meets Luna (Luna Eclipsed) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Missed Out The Northern Star (Once Upon a Zeppelin) MLP FiM HD
File:Twilight Oblała Test? - My Little Pony - Sezon 3 - Odcinek 2 "Kryształowe Królestwo, Część 2"File:Twilight Offers Celestia The Lead Role (Horse Play) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Rarity and Fluttershy all lies S2E23.png
File:Twilight Się Kłóci z Pinkie - My Little Pony Film (Dubbing PL)File:Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Retreat (The Mean 6) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparks cover.png
File:Twilight Sparkle's concentration breaks MLPTM.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle's gift ideas for Pinkie PieFile:Twilight Sparkle's trying to single out the culprit
File:Twilight Sparkle & Sunset Shimmer Tribute TelephoneFile:Twilight Sparkle 'Winter Is Coming!' S05E05.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle 'have you met her' EGS2.png
File:Twilight Sparkle 'need to come up with a plan' MLPTM.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle 'rewrite my speech' S9E17.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle 'so much you're missing' MLPTM.png
File:Twilight Sparkle 'we've come all this way' MLPTM.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle (Dumbo) trailerFile:Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi) ID EGDS1.png
File:Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi) overcoming Midnight SparkleFile:Twilight Sparkle (me) kicks KayFile:Twilight Sparkle -Board game flip-
File:Twilight Sparkle -Eye twitch-File:Twilight Sparkle -I plan on giving it to her- S7E1.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -I think you're all overreacting- S6E9.png
File:Twilight Sparkle -Ooh- S6E5.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -Prepare yourselves- S05E05.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -Winter Is Coming!- S05E05.png
File:Twilight Sparkle - "I WASN'T TWILY-NANAS!!!...Okay, Fine, A Liiiittle Twily-nanas."File:Twilight Sparkle - A few DAYS!?File:Twilight Sparkle - Anypony who lives in a tree is okay by me
File:Twilight Sparkle - Are You Kidding Me (MLP MOVIE)File:Twilight Sparkle - BAEFile:Twilight Sparkle - Flanks don't lie
File:Twilight Sparkle - He pulled my mane so put a frog on his headFile:Twilight Sparkle - Huh?! I'm pancake! I mean, awake...File:Twilight Sparkle - I just unleashed ultimate evil and doomed Equestria
File:Twilight Sparkle - I missed them? I missed the Northern Stars? (Sobs)File:Twilight Sparkle - It's just aunty TwilyFile:Twilight Sparkle - No shrieking, no squealing or screaming either! OK?
File:Twilight Sparkle - PuddingFile:Twilight Sparkle - QUIET! Extended Sparta RemixFile:Twilight Sparkle - SPIIIKE GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED!
File:Twilight Sparkle - Star Swirl an the Pillars sacrificed themselves to save EquestriaFile:Twilight Sparkle - Thank you Swirl StarFile:Twilight Sparkle - These things can be stress related, you did spend yesterday with Rarity
File:Twilight Sparkle - Twilight Sparkle drinks hot sauceFile:Twilight Sparkle - Winter is comingFile:Twilight Sparkle -a full-scale research project!- S6E19.png
File:Twilight Sparkle -all the answers I ever wanted- S7E26.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -any creature other than a pony- S6E19.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -four times as much money- EGS1.png
File:Twilight Sparkle -get the relics off the lot- EGS2.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -on the same day as Ember-!- S7E15.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -stay in the friendship moment- S7E14.png
File:Twilight Sparkle -taught me a really cool bear game- S7E3.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -they're just making sure- S7E15.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -they're your new job- S6E11.png
File:Twilight Sparkle -they set the changelings free- S7E1.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -well, not exactly- S6E24.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -while I can't say for certain- S6E19.png
File:Twilight Sparkle -why is that-- EGS1.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle -you just missed her- S6E19.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle Alicorn of Power intro
File:Twilight Sparkle Attempts a Rubik’s Cube (35th Anniversary) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Sparkle Best Aunt Ever LGB cover.jpgFile:Twilight Sparkle Daring Do extra ID EGS2.png
File:Twilight Sparkle EqG bio art.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle Gets Mad At Dame DedtimeFile:Twilight Sparkle ID EGDS5.png
File:Twilight Sparkle ID EGDS5 - jp.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle MLP Gameloft.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle Magic kindergarten S2E3.png
File:Twilight Sparkle Magical School of Friendship packaging.jpgFile:Twilight Sparkle Magical School of Friendship playset.jpgFile:Twilight Sparkle Q&A 1
File:Twilight Sparkle Q&A 2File:Twilight Sparkle and Misty Fly laughing S6E24.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie looking at Rainbow EGDS5.png
File:Twilight Sparkle and Spike having a cook offFile:Twilight Sparkle and her family laughing together S7E22.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle and princesses in a group hug MLPTM.png
File:Twilight Sparkle angry at The CrusadersFile:Twilight Sparkle apologizing to Flurry HeartFile:Twilight Sparkle as music box doll
File:Twilight Sparkle back to normal S5E2.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle beginning the cram session EGDS6.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle blaming herself
File:Twilight Sparkle bringing the library outsideFile:Twilight Sparkle confused -stress-sewing-- S7E14.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle congratulating Spike S7E15.png
File:Twilight Sparkle countering Flurry Heart's magicFile:Twilight Sparkle cries over missing the Nothern StarsFile:Twilight Sparkle crying
File:Twilight Sparkle dances spastically for a reasonable span of timeFile:Twilight Sparkle discovers an antique teacup S7E24.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle doing her Pinkie Pie voice
File:Twilight Sparkle drained of her magic MLPTM.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle dream of Star SwirlFile:Twilight Sparkle drops her books in shock S6E19.png
File:Twilight Sparkle faces Sunset Shimmer and meets FluttershyFile:Twilight Sparkle flustered -no, I'm not!- EG4.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle found Chancellor Puddingheads' recipe
File:Twilight Sparkle getting fed up S7E22.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle greeting Flurry Heart S7E3.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle greeting the students S6E24.png
File:Twilight Sparkle happy to see her friends MLPTM.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle has help from her friends S8E2.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle having a realization CYOE4c.png
File:Twilight Sparkle hugging Princess Ember S7E15.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle hyperventilatingFile:Twilight Sparkle is afraid of Quesadilla
File:Twilight Sparkle jealous about Celestia's perfect skinFile:Twilight Sparkle learning about what happened to Star Swirl and the PillarsFile:Twilight Sparkle looking annoyed at Applejack S7E14.png
File:Twilight Sparkle looking at Fluttershy S7E14.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle looking back at the CMCs S6E19.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle missed the northern stars
File:Twilight Sparkle missed the nothern starsFile:Twilight Sparkle music box ballerina ID S7E10.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle noticing Stygian inside the Pony of Shadows
File:Twilight Sparkle on the castle balcony S6E1.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle playing race cart with Flurry HeartFile:Twilight Sparkle pulling books off the shelves S7E14.png
File:Twilight Sparkle reading the scroll S7E22.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle relieved to have stopped S6E10.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle returning Star Swirl and the Pillars
File:Twilight Sparkle reunites with Flurry Heart S6E16.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle rubbing her sore hoof S7E22.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle rubbing her wings together
File:Twilight Sparkle saving Tempest Shadow MLPTM.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle scolding Flurry HeartFile:Twilight Sparkle scolding Flurry Heart S7E3.png
File:Twilight Sparkle scolding Rainbow Dash and ApplejackFile:Twilight Sparkle shielding her friends from foamFile:Twilight Sparkle sighing with relief S7E15.png
File:Twilight Sparkle smiling at Discord S9E17.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle smiling expectantly at Fluttershy S7E20.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle speaking old ponish
File:Twilight Sparkle stone S1E17.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle swimsuit ID EGFF.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle talking to Cheerilee S7E3.png
File:Twilight Sparkle tells Tizz Lego to be quietFile:Twilight Sparkle throwing a hissy fitFile:Twilight Sparkle turns into a baby MLPS2.png
File:Twilight Sparkle with finding a key BGES2.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle worried -you didn't- EGS3.pngFile:Twilight Sparkle y Flash Sentry se besan equestria mini de my little pony
File:Twilight Sparkle y Flash Sentry van al Baile de Canterlot High - MLP Equestria MinisFile:Twilight Tells the Truth - MLP Equestria Girls HDFile:Twilight Uczy Się Latać - My Little Pony - Sezon 4 - Odcinek 1 "Księżniczka Twilight, Część 1"
File:Twilight Under The Stars-Equestria Girls Season 2-Original Short 1 2File:Twilight Under The Stars-Equestria Girls Season 2 Original Short 2 2File:Twilight Velvet - Neighagra Falls was amazing!
File:Twilight Velvet holds Flurry Heart S6E2.pngFile:Twilight Vs Starlight Glimmer - Fight Scene - The Cutie Re-MarksFile:Twilight White and The Seven Toons cast video
File:Twilight Wie Co Zrobić - My Little Pony - Sezon 3 - Odcinek 13 "Sposób Na Zaklęcie"File:Twilight Wins the Magic Duel (Magic Duel) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight Wraca Do Ponyville - My Little Pony - Sezon 4 - Odcinek 1 "Księżniczka Twilight, Część 1"
File:Twilight a little shocked by Cadance's question S6E2.pngFile:Twilight a oublié son GPSFile:Twilight and Anti-Pinkie Pie (The Mean 6) MLP FiM HD
File:Twilight and Applejack smile S4E22.pngFile:Twilight and Celestia hear trumpet fanfare S5E7.pngFile:Twilight and Celestia talk on the clouds S8E7.png
File:Twilight and Celestia waiting for Starlight S6E6.pngFile:Twilight and Flurry Heart at Sugarcube Corner (A Flurry of Emotions) MLP FiM HDFile:Twilight and Flurry fly down to Shining and Cadance S7E3.png
File:Twilight and Fluttershy explore the abandoned house S7E20.pngFile:Twilight and Fluttershy hovering between two hills S5E23.pngFile:Twilight and Fluttershy screaming in terror S7E20.png
File:Twilight and Kimiko's argumentFile:Twilight and Pinkie pulled by Applejack's lasso MLPTM.pngFile:Twilight and Rainbow Dash pushing the windmill MLPTM.png
File:Twilight and Rainbow outside the cadet classroom S6E24.pngFile:Twilight and Rainbow speak with Sky Stinger S6E24.pngFile:Twilight and Rarity confused by Maud's expression EGDS1.png
File:Twilight and Rarity look out the window S7E14.pngFile:Twilight and Shining Armors parents meeting Flurry HeartFile:Twilight and Spike in complete shock S6E21.png
File:Twilight and Spike look at the glowing Cutie Map S7E15.pngFile:Twilight and Spike run across Canterlot S9E5.pngFile:Twilight and Spike saving Rarity and Zecora from The Roc
File:Twilight and Spike scream in shock EG3.pngFile:Twilight and Spike taking in the castle S5E26.pngFile:Twilight and Starlight's Meltdown (The Beginning of the End) MLP FiM HD
File:Twilight and Starlight confronted by arguing ponies S7E14.pngFile:Twilight and Starlight look at crumbling pages S7E14.pngFile:Twilight and Starlight look up at friendship journal S7E14.png
File:Twilight and Starlight looking very shocked S7E14.pngFile:Twilight and Starlight smiling at each other S6E2.pngFile:Twilight and Sunset Find Rainbow Dash MLP Equestria Girls Spring Breakdown Full HD
File:Twilight and Sunset both looking nervous EGFF.pngFile:Twilight and Sunset laughing together EGFF.pngFile:Twilight and Sunset watch limbo break further EGS3.png
File:Twilight and Tirek face-to-face S4E26.pngFile:Twilight and Trixie's rematch duel - Entire sceneFile:Twilight and Trixie meet again
File:Twilight and friends group shot EG.pngFile:Twilight and friends in Sugarcube Corner crowd S4E14.pngFile:Twilight and friends in winter attire S5E5.png
File:Twilight and friends shocked by Moon Dancer's outburst S5E12.pngFile:Twilight and her friends saving their studentsFile:Twilight and her old friends laughing S5E12.png
File:Twilight and his Friends (Season 6) - mlp friendship is magic theme-fun png.pngFile:Twilight and his Humans tries to stop Grumble Bee - (PTS-DV-Version style) 1080p.jpgFile:Twilight and ponies escaping Capper's house MLPTM.png
File:Twilight and ponies looking worried at Pinkie S6E15.pngFile:Twilight and tempest 2 alternate by ejlightning007arts-dbxu8kb.pngFile:Twilight and tempest 2 without full armor by ejlightning007arts-dbu0rsf.png
File:Twilight and the Flash cast video (Remake)File:Twilight and the Flash part 1 - Main TitlesFile:Twilight and the Flash part 1 - Main Titles (Remake)
File:Twilight and the Flash part 2 - "Peace on Earth" Twilight SparkleFile:Twilight and the Flash part 5 - Twilight Talks to Shining Armor and Big McIntosh 'It's Bob'File:Twilight apologises to Celestia - Horse Play
File:Twilight apologises to TrixieFile:Twilight apologizing to Applejack S6E10.pngFile:Twilight appeals to her arguing friends S6E22.png
File:Twilight as Masked Matter-Horn ID EGS2.pngFile:Twilight asking Cozy Glow why S8E26.pngFile:Twilight asks Celestia to star in her play - Horse Play
File:Twilight asks Rainbow if she's okay S5E5.pngFile:Twilight asks if Rainbow's alright S5E5.pngFile:Twilight asks if there's more bothering Sunset EGS3.png
File:Twilight at the Hayburger - Twilight TimeFile:Twilight backing up into Indigo Zap EG3.pngFile:Twilight beholds the throne room chandelier S5E3.png
File:Twilight bowing to Principal Celestia EG.pngFile:Twilight bringing silverware S06E06.pngFile:Twilight brings the Pillars back from Limbo
File:Twilight bumps Sky Stinger closer to Vapor S6E24.pngFile:Twilight bumps into Shining Armor S6E1.pngFile:Twilight będzie przywódcą - My Little Pony - Sezon 9 - Odcinek 2 "Początek końca, część 2"
File:Twilight communicatesFile:Twilight covers up the snack trays S5E19.pngFile:Twilight decides on the ideal gift for Pinkie - Best Gift Ever
File:Twilight defends her character - Fame and MisfortuneFile:Twilight discovers the Pillars are trapped in LimboFile:Twilight enters the royal box seating area S4E24.png
File:Twilight finds Dusty PagesFile:Twilight finds an overdue library bookFile:Twilight frazzled and snoring S5E3.png
File:Twilight gasps happily S5E12.pngFile:Twilight gegen Starlight Das Schönheitsflecken-Duell - MLP FiM (Staffel 5)File:Twilight gets angry at Flurry - A Flurry of Emotions
File:Twilight getting a hooficure S2E23.pngFile:Twilight getting lots of autograph requests S7E14.pngFile:Twilight getting lots of autograph requests S7E14 - promo tv.png
File:Twilight gives Flurry toy bears - A Flurry of EmotionsFile:Twilight giving Sunset a thumbs up CYOE7a.pngFile:Twilight glaring disapprovingly at Rainbow Dash S6E24.png
File:Twilight goes looking for Starlight Glimmer S6E6.pngFile:Twilight goes to Dusty Pages' old houseFile:Twilight greeting Shining Armor and Cadance S5E19.png
File:Twilight hangs from a rope while holding bucket and fishing rod S6E10.pngFile:Twilight hat bestanden! Das Kristall-Königreich - MLP FiMFile:Twilight have bad aim
File:Twilight hits Tirek S4E26.pngFile:Twilight i Cadance są sławne - My Little Pony - Sezon 7 - Odcinek 22 "Cena sławy"File:Twilight i Moon Dancer w bibliotece Canterlot My Little Pony Sezon 5 Odcinek 12 Kopę lat!
File:Twilight in Wonderland part 11 - Twilight Meets the Red Guy "How Doth the Little Crocodile"File:Twilight in Wonderland part 13 - Twilight Meets the Cheshire Cat ("'Twas Brilling")File:Twilight in Wonderland part 17 - Twilight Gets Lost ("Very Good Advice")
File:Twilight in Wonderland part 18 - "Painting the Roses Red" The Cards' March Queen Chrysalis of HeartsFile:Twilight in Wonderland part 1 - Opening CreditsFile:Twilight in Wonderland part 20 - Twilight's Trial "The Unbirthday Song (Reprise)"
File:Twilight in Wonderland part 9 - A Duck with a Ladder "We'll Smoke the Blighter Out"File:Twilight in a dream library S5E13.pngFile:Twilight in den Boden fallen (S03e05).png
File:Twilight in stained glass S4E01.pngFile:Twilight intercepts Flurry Heart's magic a third time S6E1.pngFile:Twilight is afraid of quesadillas - Party Pooped
File:Twilight is ready to become rulerFile:Twilight learned to let her friends aid herFile:Twilight levitating a scroll about to tell some news S5E19.png
File:Twilight looking at Celestia and Luna with the Elements of Harmony S4E02.pngFile:Twilight looking at an unfazed pig S6E10.pngFile:Twilight looking disappointed at Flurry Heart S7E3.png
File:Twilight looking worriedly at Tempest MLPTM.pngFile:Twilight looks disapprovingly at the fillies S7E14.pngFile:Twilight looks suspiciously at Starlight S5E1.png
File:Twilight loses hopeFile:Twilight ma zaległą książkę - My Little Pony - Sezon 9 - Odcinek 5 "Zaległa książka"File:Twilight meets the Canterlot news stand pony S7E14.png
File:Twilight moves her game piece by one space S7E24.pngFile:Twilight moves her legs with excitement S6E5.pngFile:Twilight nervous smile -Everything's gonna be fine!- S5E11.png
File:Twilight nervously looks away from the crowd S7E1.pngFile:Twilight not prepared for her brother and Cadance visitingFile:Twilight oddaje książkę - My Little Pony - Sezon 9 - Odcinek 5 "Zaległa książka"
File:Twilight on a pile of books S04E03.pngFile:Twilight organizuje ball sympati - My Little Pony - Sezon 9 - Odcinek 7 "Taka jak jak"File:Twilight panikuje - My Little Pony - Sezon 9 - Odcinek 1 "Początek końca, część 1"
File:Twilight pays the late feeFile:Twilight placing toys on the checkout line S7E3.pngFile:Twilight points at Cutie Map; Nightmare Moon looks at it S5E26.png
File:Twilight prepares to leave PonyvilleFile:Twilight proposes a spell to Star Swirl - Shadow PlayFile:Twilight przegapiła gwiazdy - My Little Pony - Sezon 7 - Odcinek 22 "Cena sławy"
File:Twilight przeprasza Pinkie Pie - My Little Pony - Sezon 9 - Odcinek 16 " Parkur pytań"File:Twilight races through the store collecting toys S7E3.pngFile:Twilight reaches out; Cinch pulls away EG3.png
File:Twilight reads book while listening to Spike S5E12.pngFile:Twilight remembers the old Friendship JournalFile:Twilight reopens the School of Friendship - School Daze
File:Twilight reprimanding Starlight Glimmer S6E6.pngFile:Twilight runs into MoondancerFile:Twilight says goodbye to Tank S5E5.png
File:Twilight scolds Toola Roola and Coconut Cream S7E14.pngFile:Twilight sees Flurry Heart S6E2.pngFile:Twilight sees Sunset Shimmer in cloak EG.png
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