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File:Scootaloo's second nightmare - Headless HorseFile:Scootaloo -Gabby flew all the way here- S6E19.pngFile:Scootaloo -That kinda seems like a lot- S6E4.png
File:Scootaloo - Rainbow Dash is practically my sisterFile:Scootaloo -let's see him compete with a song!- S7E8.pngFile:Scootaloo -we can still do what we're best at- S6E19.png
File:Scootaloo -we could find some more berries!- S7E16.pngFile:Scootaloo -what if we didn't-- S6E4.pngFile:Scootaloo Fan Club members cheering S8E20.png
File:Scootaloo almost at the beginning of the track S6E4.pngFile:Scootaloo asks Rainbow Dash about her Cart Derby - tvrip-funie-classic-tv-show.jpgFile:Scootaloo joins The Washouts
File:Scootaloo left all alone S8E6.pngFile:Scootaloo meeting Rainbow Dash's dad Canada releaseFile:Scootaloo nie chce się przeprowadzać - My Little Pony - Sezon 9 - Odcinek 12 "Ostatnia misja"
File:Scootaloo scared of dragons that are not SpikeFile:Scootaloo scared of the woodsFile:Scootaloo scooting S6E4.png
File:Scootaloo screamingFile:Scootaloo swims past her seapony friends S8E6.pngFile:Scootaloo yelping at the leaf S7E16.png
File:Scootaloo zostaje w Ponyville - My Little Pony - Sezon 9 - Odcinek 12 "Ostatnia misja"File:Scooter-the-carrot-jonah-a-veggietales-movie-9.7.jpgFile:Scooter Org.jpg
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