File:S2E15A Rusty screams in failure.pngFile:S2E15A Zach riding a go-kart.pngFile:S2E15B Ancient book of spells.png
File:S2E15B Back at home.pngFile:S2E15B Casting a spell on Lana.pngFile:S2E15B Casting a spell on Lori.png
File:S2E15B Casting the spell on Lori.pngFile:S2E15B Complex equation.pngFile:S2E15B Didn't see you there.png
File:S2E15B Go Pop-Pop.pngFile:S2E15B Great-Grandma Harriet smiling.pngFile:S2E15B Is that Polly Pain-.png
File:S2E15B Lana scratching her butt.pngFile:S2E15B Lana watching a cartoon.pngFile:S2E15B Last slice of pie.png
File:S2E15B Lola gets the last slice.pngFile:S2E15B Lori's phone doesn't work anymore.pngFile:S2E15B Lori talking on the phone.png
File:S2E15B Lori talking with her friends.pngFile:S2E15B Loud siblings.pngFile:S2E15B Lucy's sibling meeting.png
File:S2E15B Lucy and Edwin.pngFile:S2E15B Lucy having a tea party.pngFile:S2E15B Lucy talking to Edwin.png
File:S2E15B Lucy wants some silence.pngFile:S2E15B Mute Lynn Trying To Lead Her Team.pngFile:S2E15B No one noticed me.png
File:S2E15B Nothing changes around here.pngFile:S2E15B Pink wins.pngFile:S2E15B Poison ivy.png
File:S2E15B Pop-Pop wins.pngFile:S2E15B Preparing the spell.pngFile:S2E15B Siblings are bored.png
File:S2E15B Siblings brushing their teeth.pngFile:S2E15B Siblings give Lucy a thumbsup.pngFile:S2E15B Siblings laughing.png
File:S2E15B Siblings look angry.pngFile:S2E15B Siblings on the sofa.pngFile:S2E15B Silent siblings stare.png
File:S2E15B Startled while painting.pngFile:S2E15B Stroke, stroke, stroke.pngFile:S2E15B Talking to Great-Grandma Harriet.png
File:S2E15B This spell is too perfect.pngFile:S2E15B Trying to figure out who flushed Goldie.pngFile:S2E15B We'll try not to walk all over you anymore.png
File:S2E15B You got the soggy seat.pngFile:S2E15B You lost your voices.pngFile:S2E16A Everyone except Lynn Sr. screams.png
File:S2E16A Everyone sleeping.pngFile:S2E16A Everyone touching their noses except Leni.pngFile:S2E16A Hiding in the basement.png
File:S2E16A LINCOLN!!!.pngFile:S2E16A Lana can't find her tools.pngFile:S2E16A Luan hugs her dad.png
File:S2E16A Luan on the sign.pngFile:S2E16A Luan reading the magazine.pngFile:S2E16A Luan watching.png
File:S2E16A Luan with pink shoes.pngFile:S2E16A Lynn Sr. ironing the magazine.pngFile:S2E16A Lynn Sr. points to the basement.png
File:S2E16A Lynn Sr. sees Luan behind him.pngFile:S2E16A Lynn in a hammock.pngFile:S2E16A PUNCH IT, DAD!.png
File:S2E16A Rita trapped.pngFile:S2E16A Siblings eagerly bid her farewell.pngFile:S2E16A Siblings sigh with relief.png
File:S2E16A Sister's jaw-dropping.pngFile:S2E16A Someone toss me my checkbook.pngFile:S2E16A We call it the Prank-Me-Not Poncho.png
File:S2E16A Well, in that case, I camp wait!.pngFile:S2E16A Well, there you go.pngFile:S2E16B A mouse and a mouse.png
File:S2E16B Change Your Mind.pngFile:S2E16B Further talks with Mr. Grouse.pngFile:S2E16B Good thing I brought a log.png
File:S2E16B Linc as Lynn Sr.pngFile:S2E16B Lori getting the satchel.pngFile:S2E16B Lynn and Lola hugging.png
File:S2E16B Lynn giving Lucy a piggyback.pngFile:S2E16B My answer is нет!.pngFile:S2E16B Open up a computer window.png
File:S2E16B Siblings disgusted.pngFile:S2E16B Siblings feel bad.pngFile:S2E16B Siblings looking at equation.png
File:S2E16B Siblings smile.pngFile:S2E16B Siblings staring at restaurant.pngFile:S2E16B The Louds eating sandwiches.png
File:S2E16B This was our fault.pngFile:S2E17A Ghost burps at Linc.pngFile:S2E17A I think I know what's going on.png
File:S2E17A Now I peed a little!.pngFile:S2E17A Oh goodie!.pngFile:S2E17A Or is there .png
File:S2E17A Should we catch him-.pngFile:S2E17A US Map of Royal Woods.pngFile:S2E17A What are you doing big brother-.png
File:S2E17B Dangit, Luna!.pngFile:S2E17B Finally, bedtime!.pngFile:S2E17B Group hug.png
File:S2E17B Guys, we need to talk.pngFile:S2E17B I'm only 20 feet from the house.pngFile:S2E17B It's darker out here than I thought.png
File:S2E17B Lana gives Mr. Grouse her business card.pngFile:S2E17B Leni's outfit.pngFile:S2E17B Lori Loud two left feet error - tlhofficial.png
File:S2E17B Lori and Luan washing dishes.pngFile:S2E17B Lori dancing.pngFile:S2E17B Lori finds out Lola's bald.png
File:S2E17B Lori says goodnight to everyone.pngFile:S2E17B Lori screaming.pngFile:S2E17B Lori shivering.png
File:S2E17B Lori unhappy.pngFile:S2E17B Lynn Sr. panicking.pngFile:S2E17B Mr. Coconuts' warped face.png
File:S2E17B Mr. Grouse accidentally wrecks his own garage.pngFile:S2E17B Mr. Grouse raking.pngFile:S2E17B Not you, Leni!.png
File:S2E17B Now that's a win-win.pngFile:S2E17B Poof!.pngFile:S2E17B Tell me all about it.png
File:S2E17B The Louds form a bucket brigade.pngFile:S2E17B The siblings leave the garage.pngFile:S2E17B You'll be fine.png
File:S2E17B You wanna think again, brah.pngFile:S2E18A Clyde's questionnaire.pngFile:S2E18A Ha! I knew it!.png
File:S2E18A I'M BUSY!.pngFile:S2E18A I'M FREE!.pngFile:S2E18A I want to learn how to act normal around her!.png
File:S2E18A I wish Clyde could act normal around me.pngFile:S2E18A Lana peeks at Lori in the hole.pngFile:S2E18A Leni as Lori.png
File:S2E18A Lincoln, do you have any laundry.pngFile:S2E18A Lori as Leni.pngFile:S2E18A Lori hugs Clyde.png
File:S2E18A Lori sees Clyde and Leni in the basement.pngFile:S2E18A Others become shocked.pngFile:S2E18A Poor Leni.png
File:S2E18A Promo by Jordan Rosato.pngFile:S2E18A Well, no worries!.pngFile:S2E18A What do you need my help with.png
File:S2E18A Who wants lemonade.pngFile:S2E18B All of us.pngFile:S2E18B Are you gonna punish us.png
File:S2E18B Cheers.pngFile:S2E18B DIBS NOT!.pngFile:S2E18B Everyone except Lana gags.png
File:S2E18B I say we do this every morning!.pngFile:S2E18B Judges Looking Up.pngFile:S2E18B Lana gargling.png
File:S2E18B Lori jogging with her parents.pngFile:S2E18B Lynn Sr. flexes his arm.pngFile:S2E18B Rita eating cheese snacks while using Charles as a table.png
File:S2E18B Siblings doing jumping jacks.pngFile:S2E18B Siblings lifting weights 2.pngFile:S2E18B Siblings on the platform.png
File:S2E18B Siblings see ice cream truck.pngFile:S2E18B Siblings tired.pngFile:S2E18B Sisters insistently decline.png
File:S2E18B Twins playing Double Dutch with Rita.pngFile:S2E19A Are we lost.pngFile:S2E19A Do I!.png
File:S2E19A Is this a joke.pngFile:S2E19A Louds complementing the Yates.pngFile:S2E19A Sleepy siblings.png
File:S2E19A Wash up, kids.pngFile:S2E19A Where am I going.pngFile:S2E19A Yates kids' eyes.png
File:S2E19B A rematch, huh.pngFile:S2E19B COUNT IT AGAIN!.pngFile:S2E19B Calm, relaxing drive.png
File:S2E19B Everyone leaves.pngFile:S2E19B Everyone offers Lynn their scratching posts.pngFile:S2E19B Go-Go Fishy.png
File:S2E19B Leni going upstairs.pngFile:S2E19B Lincoln gets an idea.pngFile:S2E19B Lincoln sneaks a card.png
File:S2E19B Lola is winning.pngFile:S2E19B Lola knows the game.pngFile:S2E19B Losers clean up.png
File:S2E19B Luan ask for a trade.pngFile:S2E19B Lynn about to win.pngFile:S2E19B Lynn and her Bazooka.png
File:S2E19B Lynn barges in.pngFile:S2E19B Lynn can't trade catnip for a yarn ball.pngFile:S2E19B Lynn celebrates her apology.png
File:S2E19B Lynn fires the confetti bazooka.pngFile:S2E19B Lynn tears her sleeves off.pngFile:S2E19B None of us is good enough to beat her.png
File:S2E19B Promotional Artwork (The Loud House).jpgFile:S2E19B The others agree to Lisa's tactic.pngFile:S2E19B The plan was to THROW the game.png
File:S2E19B The toilet breaks.pngFile:S2E19B Tonight's special.pngFile:S2E19B We will never beat anything.png
File:S2E1 Leni's first Christmas outfit.pngFile:S2E1 Lori kisses Clyde.pngFile:S2E1 Loud Parents face reveal.png
File:S2E1 The Loud House Characters Cast Singing.pngFile:S2E20A Lori and Leni simultaneously talking fast.pngFile:S2E20A SMOOCH takes the stage - tvrip.png
File:S2E20A The sisters ask Lincoln for help.pngFile:S2E20A The sisters look guilty - tvrip.pngFile:S2E20A The sisters perform for their brother.png
File:S2E20A Who can spot me some green .pngFile:S2E20B Lincoln and Clyde playing a dance game.pngFile:S2E20B Lynn on the Ground - 412.png
File:S2E21A An actual punch.pngFile:S2E21A Audience laughing.pngFile:S2E21A Celebrate with pie.png
File:S2E21A Everyone shocked.pngFile:S2E21A Leni hugs Luan.pngFile:S2E21A Lola with a banana.png
File:S2E21A Luan flushes the toilet.pngFile:S2E21A Luan recommends picking it up.pngFile:S2E21A Siblings puzzled.png
File:S2E21A Siblings venting.pngFile:S2E21A You could eat two, and give the rest to charity.pngFile:S2E21B But don't worry, I'll send you an invitation.png
File:S2E21B I call this meeting to order.pngFile:S2E21B Leni hugging Rita.pngFile:S2E21B Leni once again spoils the surprise.png
File:S2E21B Lisa's party.pngFile:S2E21B Luan has the perfect jokes.pngFile:S2E21B Lucy uses Lana's TP for streamers.png
File:S2E21B Nice Thinking.pngFile:S2E21B SURPRISE!.pngFile:S2E21B She's Totes Worth it.png
File:S2E21B Still Not Hot Enough.pngFile:S2E21B Sugar rush.pngFile:S2E21B The kids return disappointed.png
File:S2E21B This is Plaid.pngFile:S2E22A Character sheet.jpgFile:S2E22A Keep your head high.png
File:S2E22A Legends Promotional Artwork .jpgFile:S2E22A Legends of the Hidden Temple.pngFile:S2E22A Lincoln and Lynn Sr. meet their opponents.png
File:S2E22A Louds continue.pngFile:S2E22A Olmec.pngFile:S2E22A Olmec squished the hat.png
File:S2E22A Orange Iguanas press the button.pngFile:S2E22A Stan with Lynn Sr.'s hat.pngFile:S2E22A Teams work on puzzle.png
File:S2E22A Temple Guard.pngFile:S2E22A The moat.pngFile:S2E22A You jokers are breaking 10 security rules.png
File:S2E22A You nerds made us look dumb.pngFile:S2E22B First line.pngFile:S2E22B Flip's in the fountain.png
File:S2E22B Got Lincoln a Book.pngFile:S2E22B I'll have her head.pngFile:S2E22B I’ll have her head.jpg
File:S2E22B Let's go home.pngFile:S2E22B Lincoln and his younger sisters hanging around.pngFile:S2E22B Lincoln latches on to train.png
File:S2E22B Lynn Sr. calling Lynn Jr.pngFile:S2E22B People walking around the Mall.octet-stream.pngFile:S2E22B Rita calling the four eldest sisters.png
File:S2E22B Sisters are waiting for Lincoln.pngFile:S2E22B Stay here.pngFile:S2E22B There's Lana.png
File:S2E22B We are done with this line.pngFile:S2E22B We kept the ducklings.pngFile:S2E22B We need to use the restroom.png
File:S2E22B You forgot your hats.pngFile:S2E23A Family happy at Lola.pngFile:S2E23A I did it!.png
File:S2E23A I didn't read it.pngFile:S2E23A It's my fault.pngFile:S2E23A Keep your chains handy.png
File:S2E23A Lola eating pizza on the table.pngFile:S2E23A Lola read a full book.pngFile:S2E23A Lola thanking Lincoln.png
File:S2E23A Loud family cheering.pngFile:S2E23A Luan persuading Lola.pngFile:S2E23A The Louds smell something.png
File:S2E23A We're so sorry.pngFile:S2E23A We've finished.pngFile:S2E23A promo - lola and lincoln reading.png
File:S2E23B Asking Leni.pngFile:S2E23B Asking Luan.pngFile:S2E23B Asking Luna.png
File:S2E23B Daughter wants spicy subs.pngFile:S2E23B I hate these drought-resistant lawns.pngFile:S2E23B Lana comes out.png
File:S2E23B Lincoln about to fly.pngFile:S2E23B Lincoln asking his parents about his birth story.pngFile:S2E23B Lincoln has to keep his birth story private.png
File:S2E23B Lincoln hugs his parents.pngFile:S2E23B Lincoln interrogating his parents.pngFile:S2E23B Nothing.png
File:S2E23B Ricky, the Wrong Baby.pngFile:S2E23B Scattered DVDs.pngFile:S2E23B Tall family.png
File:S2E23B That's a piece of American history.pngFile:S2E23B You're way off base.pngFile:S2E23B promo - baby lori.png
File:S2E23B promo - baby lucy.pngFile:S2E23B promo - baby luna.pngFile:S2E23B promo - baby lynn.png
File:S2E23B promo - where's lincoln.pngFile:S2E24 Caught.pngFile:S2E24 Clyde's first nosebleed.png
File:S2E24 Clyde waving.pngFile:S2E24 Dad must've found the severed limbs.pngFile:S2E24 Don’t forget your chainsaw.png
File:S2E24 Empty street.pngFile:S2E24 Few more gashes on this one.pngFile:S2E24 Giving out bars.png
File:S2E24 Glad Mom let you do your corn maze.pngFile:S2E24 Happy Halloween.pngFile:S2E24 Here we go.png
File:S2E24 Hot dog trick-or-treater.pngFile:S2E24 Human pretzel.pngFile:S2E24 Huntington Manor.png
File:S2E24 I can see it all over your face.pngFile:S2E24 Knock out a tooth.pngFile:S2E24 Linc and Clyde give candy to the twins and Lisa.png
File:S2E24 Lincoln and Clyde take action.pngFile:S2E24 Lola and Lana's second costume.pngFile:S2E24 Lola and Lana's third costume.png
File:S2E24 Looks like we won't have to wait till next year.pngFile:S2E24 Lucy is excited.pngFile:S2E24 Lucy lights up the maze.png
File:S2E24 Lucy loves Halloween.pngFile:S2E24 Lucy sighs to Luan's pun.pngFile:S2E24 Lucy thanking Lincoln and Clyde.png
File:S2E24 Lucy with a chainsaw.pngFile:S2E24 Luna saying you got tricked one last time.pngFile:S2E24 Lynn Sr. hates Halloween.png
File:S2E24 Lynn Sr. scared.pngFile:S2E24 Lynn Sr. screaming.pngFile:S2E24 More blood here.png
File:S2E24 Nobody showed up, why not.pngFile:S2E24 One house, 87 pieces of candy.pngFile:S2E24 One more good look at the Loud house.png
File:S2E24 Places, everyone.pngFile:S2E24 Promo 1.jpgFile:S2E24 Promo 2.jpg
File:S2E24 Promo 3.jpgFile:S2E24 Promo 4.jpgFile:S2E24 Promo 5.jpg
File:S2E24 Promo 6.jpgFile:S2E24 Pumpkin saying tricks.pngFile:S2E24 Scary baby masks.png
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