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File:Infinity war gamora 1 by sidewinder16-dc5dyaw.pngFile:Infinity war gamora 1 png by captain kingsman16-dccm5b7.pngFile:Infinity war gamora png by stark3879-dc83zve.png
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File:Infinity war mantis png by stark3879-dc8403b.pngFile:Infinity war nebula 1 by sidewinder16-dc8h69x.pngFile:Infinity war team png by captain kingsman16-dbq9rdt.png
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File:Information Banned German AMVFile:Information icon.svgFile:Informationen sammeln über das Königreich Das Kristall-Königreich - MLP FiM
File:Inga armar och ben - inga problem! (Nick Vujicic) Svensk textFile:Inglese-giovani-bambini-1.wmvFile:Ingrid Escajeda.jpg
File:InhumansWFITRAILER5.jpgFile:Inhumans Poster.jpgFile:Inicio Aladdin VHS (1992)
File:Inicio DVD 102 Dálmatas 2001File:Inicio DVD Pocahontas 2000File:Inicio DVD Toy Story 2005
File:Inicio De Cars En DVD (2006) LatinoamericaFile:Inicio De Toy Story Edición 10th Aniversario En DVD (2005) LatinoamericaFile:Inicio De Toy Story En VHS (1996) Argentina
File:Inicio Dinosaurios VHS (2000)File:Inicio El Rey León VHS (1995)File:Inicio Mickey ama a Minnie VHS (1998)
File:Inicio Tarzan & Jane VHS (2003)File:Inicio Tarzan VHS (2000)File:Inicio VHS Aladdín (2004)
File:Inicio VHS Blancanieves y los Siete Enanitos 1994 (Argentina) GativideoFile:Inicio VHS El Club de los Villanos con Mickey y sus Amigos 2003 (Argentina)File:Inicio VHS El Rey León 2, El Reino de Simba (2004)
File:Inicio VHS Goofy 2 Extremadamente Goofy 2000 (Argentina)File:Inicio VHS Los Increíbles 2005 (Argentina)File:Inicio VHS Los Traviesos Chip y Dale 1992 (Argentina) Gativideo
File:Inicio VHS Mickey y su Pandilla 1992 (Argentina) GativideoFile:Inicio VHS Mickey y su Pandilla 1992 (Argentina) Gativideo (Versión 2)File:Inicio VHS Mickey y sus Amigos Juntos Otra Navidad 2004 (Argentina)
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File:Inicio del VHS De Caza Legal de 1996 (Edición VHS Coca Cola)File:Inicio del VHS de ERDJ (1995)File:Inicio vhs El Club de Los Villanos Con Mickey y Sus Amigos 2003 (Argentina)
File:Inicio vhs El Libro de La Selva 2 2003 (Argentina)File:Inicio vhs El Rey León 1995 (Argentina)File:Inicio vhs El Rey León 2 El Reino de Simba 2004 (Argentina)
File:Inicio vhs Pocahontas 2 viaje a un nuevo mundo 2004 (argentina)File:Inicio vhs Toy Story 1996 (Argentina)File:Inicio vhs el caldero magico 1998 (argentina) gativideo
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File:Inicio vhs peter pan 2000 (argentina)File:Inicio vhs tierra de osos 2004 (Argentina)File:Inició Narnia el león la bruja y el ropero vhs México
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File:Iniemamocni (2004) The Incredibles Disney zwiastun VHS 2File:Iniemamocni (2004) The Incredibles Disney zwiastun VHS 3File:Iniemamocni 2 - zwiastun
File:Iniemamocni 2 - zwiastun 2File:Injustice 2 Batman Vs Gotham Villains - All Intro Outros, Clash Dialogues, Super MovesFile:Injustice 2 TMNT Vs Darkseid All Intro Interaction Dialogues & Clash Quotes + Super Moves
File:Injustice 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reveal TrailerFile:Injustice 2 – Fighter Pack 3 Revealed!File:InkbrushArt - jp - splatoon.png
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File:Inkling Girl - splatoon - art-jp.pngFile:Inkling Girl Tribute (2016)File:Inkling Training Mode Combos - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
File:Inkling chica entintando por Isla TórtimerFile:Inkling chica vs Bowser,king k tool,Ridley,king dede y GanondorfFile:Inkling poster dsbsp.jpg
File:Inkling tribute SplatoonFile:Inkling victory poses - Super Smash Bros. UltimateFile:Inklings en Super Smash Bros. de Switch, y otras cosas del Nintendo Direct
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File:Inna przeszłość My Little Pony Sezon 5 Odcinek 25 Znaczki raz jeszcze część 1File:Inna teraźniejszość - My Little Pony - Sezon 5 - Odcinek 25 "Znaczki raz jeszcze, część 1"File:Inne Przypadki - My Little Pony - Sezon 5 - Odcinek 26 "Znaczki Raz Jeszcze, Część 2"
File:Inner Senshi Speech - Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3File:Inomoo.pngFile:Insane Derby of Thessaloniki ARIS vs PAOK (22.10.2016)
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File:Inside Out - Bing Bong Dies (HD) (Movie CLIP)File:Inside Out - DISGUST Best Moments HDFile:Inside Out - Jangles The Clown
File:Inside Out 2017 - Riley Funny Moments HD - vines greenFile:Inside Out Character Poster Anger.jpgFile:Inside Out Character Poster Disgust.jpg
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File:Inside out (tom style) cast videoFile:Inside the 2019 Kids' Choice Awards w DJ Khaled & JoJo Siwa! Inside Nick Season 2 Ep. 3File:Inside the Castle Walls (EU Version) - Super Mario 64
File:Inside the Journal Bad Hair Day Tangled The Series Disney ChannelFile:Inside the Mansion - Banjo-KazooieFile:Inside the NBA Rockets vs Clipper Locker Room Drama
File:Inside the Treetops (Winter) - Banjo-KazooieFile:Inside the killer whale matriarchy - Darren CroftFile:Insidious L'ultima chiave Spot "Ipnosi" Dal 18 gennaio al cinema
File:Insidious The Last Key - Official International Trailer - At Cinemas January 12File:Insidious The Last Key - Official Trailer (HD)File:Insidious The Last Key - Open The Door Clip - At Cinemas Now
File:Insolite Aequorea, la ville du future - Wazup c'est sur Gulli !File:Inspector Gadget (1999) - Feature PresentationFile:Inspector Gadget (1999) Trailer (VHS Capture)
File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x03 - MAD-dinero y Horneando mal -EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x04 - Tempestad en una taza y Mr. Seguridad -EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x05 - Cocinando con Garra y Envuelto en la hierba -EeD-
File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x09 - La dama vampiresa y El día del resfriado -EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x10 - Espabila y Escape Room con vistas - EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x11 - Who Do Voodoo y Midnight MADness -EeD-
File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x12 - Gadgetocate y Te veo luego, Súper Gator -EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x13 - Rain of Terror y The Truth is Under There -EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x17 - Anti-Gravity y Demasiadas Garras -EeD-
File:Inspector Gadget (2015) (Español de España) 2x18 - Polvo de estrellas y Panda-monium -EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) 2x02 - El dron del silencio y Creciendo como locos -ENLACE EN DESC-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) 2x06 - El fabricante de cucos VS Garra y La feria más justa -EeD-
File:Inspector Gadget (2015) 2x16 - El MADtalento del Doctor Colin y MADzilla -EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) 2x19 - Bajo el sol de medianoche y Skyrates Off the Starboard Bow! -EeD-File:Inspector Gadget (2015) 2x23 - Compañía de árboles y MADtrack -ENLACE EN DESC-
File:Inspector Gadget (2015) CreditsFile:Inspector Gadget - Youngstown - I´ll Be Your Everything (1999) Music Video (VHS Capture)File:Inspector Gadget is arfraid of ghost (norwegian)
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File:Instrumental - You Can't Be a Dragon Here - Full Vers. on descriptionFile:Instrumental A Kirin Tale - Full Vers. on descriptionFile:Instrumental Sleeping Beauty - Main Title
File:Instrumentos Musicales (Anuncio de Salvat)File:Integrale de la Saison - Power Rangers Dino Charge.jpgFile:Integrale de la Saison - Power Rangers Dino Supercharge.jpg
File:Intelect (Anuncio de Falomir Juegos)File:Intelligence-A fish taleFile:Intense classic matches
File:Intensiver Bosskampf gegen Galleom Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 19File:InterCom Logo (Disney VHS Intro Hungary)File:Interactive Winnie the Pooh Toy commercial My Interactive Pooh
File:Interjú Zámbó Edittel, Jimmy özvegyével - Fókusz, 2001. 01. 19.File:Intermedio Coraje, El Perro Cobarde - Cartoon Network LatinoFile:Intermedio Coraje, El Perro Cobarde - Cartoon Network Latino (°2)
File:Intermedio Fábrica - Cartoon Network Latino (Año 1995)File:International Sailor Moon Day Chile 2016 Gen FrikiFile:International day of Families (Louds) 2019.jpg
File:International day of Families (McBrides) 2019.jpgFile:International day of Families (Santiagos) 2019.jpgFile:Internet jest dobry, Extra - kontra Dark Oak, Diesl, Profesor Bob, Wielki Brat, Dyrektor, Pan Mongol, MegaMama, DestruktoTata i Slappy.png
File:Interstellar - years of messages sceneFile:Interviniendo a Tirek El plan de Cozy es revelado - MLP La Magia de la Amistad Español LatinoFile:Interú a Juniper Lee alkotójával, Judd Winickkel
File:IntheWiggles'World8.jpgFile:Into-The-Woods-baker-witch.jpgFile:Into The Storm 2014 All tornado Destruction Scenes Edited
File:Into The Storm — Big Tornado SceneFile:Into the Open Air (TheCartoonMan12 Version)File:Into the Past After The Break-Up ("When There Was Me and You")
File:Intro & Earl's Trainer Class - Pokemon Stadium 2 Episode 1File:Intro BVHE Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1997)File:Intro BVHE Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1998)
File:Intro BVHE Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1998) - los-cachorros-de-el-libro-de-la-selvaFile:Intro BVHE Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1998) - quack-packFile:Intro BVHE Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (2001)
File:Intro BVHE Chile - Walt Disney Home Video - 1998File:Intro De Cortos Album de Heartfelt De Baby Flurry Heart's Español LatinoFile:Intro Disney DVD - Walt Disney Home Entertainment (2004)
File:Intro ETV - Colección etc...TV (2001)File:Intro Hercules VHS (1998)File:Intro Los más divertidos de la tele
File:Intro MLP Friendship Is Magic Season 8 POLISHFile:Intro Original de The Loud House y de Los Casagrandes (En Español Latino)File:Intro Pokemon in Russian (Интро Покемон на Русском) VHS tv Rip by noname(viderdjru)
File:Intro Teatro Cartoon - 2002File:Intro VHS "Aladdin" (1994)File:Intro VHS Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas
File:Intro VHS Blancanieves y los Siete EnanosFile:Intro VHS Dumbo (1992) (Relanzado o Reprint en 1997)File:Intro VHS FR Toy Story
File:Intro VHS HerculesFile:Intro VHS La Sirenita (1991)File:Intro VHS Policias y Ratones
File:Intro VHS Rox et RoukyFile:Intro VHS Scooby-Doo Video ChileFile:Intro VHS Toy Story
File:Intro VHS Toy Story 1 (1999) ChileFile:Intro VHS Toy Story Disney chileFile:Intro VHS Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1995)
File:Intro VHS Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1995) El Rey LeónFile:Intro VHS Walt Disney Home Video (ITA) - 1988 (HD720 50p)File:Intro VHS Walt Disney Home Video (ITA) - 1993 (HD720 50p)
File:Intro VHS Walt Disney Home Video (ITA) - 1994 (HD720 50p)File:Intro VHS Walt Disney Home Video (ITA) - Aprile 1993 (HD720 50p)File:Intro VHS Walt Disney Home Video (ITA) - Aprile 2002 (HD720 50p)
File:Intro VHS Walt Disney Home Video (ITA) - Novembre 1992 (HD720 50p)File:Intro VHS Walt Disney Home Video (ITA) - Ottobre 1990 (HD720 50p)File:Intro VHS Walt Disney Home Video - 1994
File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1990-1991)File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1992)File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1993)
File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1994)File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1995)File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1996)
File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1997)File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1997) - aladdin-y-los-40-ladronesFile:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video (1997) - oliver-y-su-pandilla
File:Intro Video Chile - Walt Disney Home Video - 1992File:Intro Video Chile - Warner Home Video (1995)File:Intro Video Chile - Warner Home Video (2001)
File:Intro Video Chile - Warner Home Video (2001) - el laboratorio de Dexter - El viaje de DexterFile:Intro Video Chile - Warner Home Video (2001) chicas superpoderosasFile:Intro Video Chile Warner Home Video (2001) las chicas superpoderosas
File:Intro de Halloween 2019File:Intro de The loud house al revés con mensajesFile:Intro de Villanos 2019 🎃😈.
File:Intro magical doremi sharp (México)File:Intro of Beauty and the Beast UK VHS (1993)File:Intro of Cinderella UK VHS (1992)
File:Intro of The Rescuers UK VHS (1991)File:Intro para Halloween 👻💀🎃File:Intro sonic X español latino
File:Intro vhs Disney titulo El albúm familiar de Mickey VHS 1998File:Introducción Primer Plano + Auspicios (Julio 2004)File:Introducing ABC Kids commercial Kim Possible, Lizzie Mcguire, The proud family
File:Introducing Amazon Orange (Annoying Alexa)File:Introducing Google GnomeFile:Introducing Jailbreak-Bob to the Rascal Family!
File:Introducing New Nintendo 2DS XLFile:Introducing Ranger Rob Rob Tiny PopFile:Introducing Sky Movies Disney
File:Introducing The Players! - Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018File:Introducing amiibo (Wii U)File:Introduction to Ursula the Sea Witch
File:Intră în competiţie cu eroii Echipei de luptă 5!File:InuYasha (犬夜叉 戦国お伽合戦) Replay - Kagome (日暮 かごめ) vs. Kagome (日暮 かごめ)File:InuYasha Comic Dub Did You Ever Want Children?
File:Inuyasha Ending 4 - Audio Latino (Cartoon Network LA - 2004)File:Inuyasha Opening 3 - Audio Latino (Cartoon Network LA - 2004)File:Inuyasha Season 1 Jap Dub Eng Subtitles DVD 1 2 FULL
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