File:HMV - Don't Make Me LaughFile:HMV - Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air (HunterxColleen Style)File:HMV - Evilmainya
File:HMV - Grim Grinning GhostsFile:HMV - Hard Rock Hallelujah (Non-Disney Vilains)File:HMV - Hellfire
File:HMV - It's Halloween-lo-weenFile:HMV - It's Halloween-lo-ween 76859Thomas styleFile:HMV - It's Our House Now (Remake)
File:HMV - Land of the DeadFile:HMV - SpongeBob ScardyPantsFile:HMV - The Secret of Survival
File:HMV - Tonight We StrikeFile:HMV 2017 introFile:HMV 500 Subscribers Special Debbie is the Big Bad Cat
File:HMV A Filthy Finale!File:HMV A Kingdom of My OwnFile:HMV A Pirate's Scorn
File:HMV A Pirate's Scorn-0File:HMV A Pirate’s ScornFile:HMV A Pirate’s Scorn-0
File:HMV A Pirate’s Scorn (a request to Tomarmstrong14)File:HMV A Profesinal PirateFile:HMV A Professional Pirate
File:HMV A Ton of CandyFile:HMV Adagio Is The World's Greatest Heylin Mind (Request by Princess Twilight Sparkle)File:HMV Aku has a Plan
File:HMV All Hail, All Hallow’s Eve!File:HMV All Hail All Hallow's Eve!File:HMV All Hail All Hallow's Eve!-0
File:HMV All Hail All Hallow's Eve! - eli wagesFile:HMV All Hail The VulturesFile:HMV All Hail the Vultures
File:HMV All You DesireFile:HMV All You Desire-0File:HMV All You Desire-1
File:HMV An Exceptional HalloweenFile:HMV An Exceptional Halloween-0File:HMV An Exceptional Halloween-1
File:HMV AnniversaryFile:HMV Another Terrible DayFile:HMV Another Terrible Day-0
File:HMV Another Terrible Day-1File:HMV Anti-Pops is a Dirty RatFile:HMV Archibald Snatcher's Goody Two-Shoes Brother
File:HMV Archibald Snatcher is GastonFile:HMV Archibald Snatcher is Tex RichmanFile:HMV Are You In Or Out
File:HMV Are You In Or Out?File:HMV Are You In or OutFile:HMV Are You In or Out-0
File:HMV Are you In or Out(Featuring Maximus Elefante and the Elephant Villians)File:HMV Are you in or outFile:HMV Azula I'm the Bad Guy
File:HMV BadFile:HMV Bad-0File:HMV Bad Days Ahead
File:HMV Bad Days Ahead-0File:HMV BammFile:HMV Bamm-0
File:HMV Bartok's Gotta EatFile:HMV BatsFile:HMV Bats-0
File:HMV Battle (Of the Bands)File:HMV Be PreparedFile:HMV Be Prepared(2019)
File:HMV Be Prepared (2019)File:HMV Be Prepared (2019)-0File:HMV Be Prepared (2019)-1
File:HMV Be Prepared (2019)-2File:HMV Be Prepared (2019)-3File:HMV Be Prepared (2019) (Dedicated to Princess Rapunzel, Mizfitz, and other Ohannas)
File:HMV Be Prepared (2019) - The Wielder of the Blue Flames styleFile:HMV Be Prepared (2019 Version)File:HMV Be Prepared (2019 version)
File:HMV Be Prepared (2019 version) - jaclyn bachik styleFile:HMV Be Prepared (A Request for Canal Arthur Gamer)File:HMV Be Prepared (Brodway Version)
File:HMV Be Prepared (Reprise)File:HMV Be Prepared (Reprise) (Remake)File:HMV Be Prepared (a request to Tomarmstrong14)
File:HMV Be Prepared (please read description)File:HMV Be Prepared RepriseFile:HMV Be Prepared Reprise-0
File:HMV Be Prepared Reprise (Re-uploaded)File:HMV Be Prepared ReprisedFile:HMV Be Prepared remake
File:HMV Becoming HumanFile:HMV Becoming Human-0File:HMV Bellweather is The Bad Guy
File:HMV Better Way To Be BadFile:HMV Better Way To Be Bad-0File:HMV Better Way To Be Bad-1
File:HMV Better Way To Be Bad-2File:HMV Better Way To Be Bad - ita 10-29-2019File:HMV Better Way to Be Bad
File:HMV Better Way to Be Bad-0File:HMV Better Way to Be Bad (Read Description)File:HMV Better way to be bad
File:HMV Beware The ZimwiFile:HMV Beware of the ZimwiFile:HMV Beware the Jabberwock
File:HMV Beware the Jabberwock-0File:HMV Beware the Jabberwocky zacthebear style - Halloween - YoutubeFile:HMV Beware the Zimwi
File:HMV Big Bog MonsterFile:HMV Big WaterFile:HMV Big Water-0
File:HMV Big and Loud itaFile:HMV Bill Cipher is The Master of Your FateFile:HMV Bill Cipher sings Don't Make Me Laugh
File:HMV Black Wolf is ShinyFile:HMV Blame CanadaFile:HMV Blame Canada-0
File:HMV Boingo's finest hourFile:HMV Boingo e Dawn Bellwether - Sarò Re (Duetto)File:HMV Bowser Has A Plan (REMAKE)
File:HMV Bowser has grown accustomed to Mario's faceFile:HMV Brand New PlanFile:HMV Brand New Plan - eli-wages
File:HMV Brave TogetherFile:HMV Brave Together-0File:HMV Brave Together (Happy Halloween)
File:HMV Bravo, StromboliFile:HMV Bravo, Stromboli!File:HMV Bravo, Stromboli!-0
File:HMV Bravo, Stromboli - patrick-hill-styleFile:HMV Brian Griffin in Robot HellFile:HMV Bring Back A Legend
File:HMV Bring Back A Legend-0File:HMV Bring Back A Legend-1File:HMV Bring Back A Legend-2
File:HMV Bring Back A Legend-3File:HMV Bring Back The LegendFile:HMV Bring Back a Legend
File:HMV Bring Back a Legend-0File:HMV Bring Back a Legend-1File:HMV Bring Back a Legend-2
File:HMV Burger Beard Has A PlanFile:HMV Busy BachelorFile:HMV Busy Bachelor-0
File:HMV Busy Bachelor-1File:HMV Busy Bachelor-2File:HMV Busy Bachelor-3
File:HMV Captain Chantel Dubois's LullabyFile:HMV Captain Gutt is the BaddestFile:HMV Captain Hook Has A Plan
File:HMV Cassandra's Big and Loud RepriseFile:HMV Casting My SpellFile:HMV Casting My Spell-0
File:HMV Cause It's Make BelieveFile:HMV Cause It's Make Believe-0File:HMV Cause It’s Make Believe
File:HMV Chillin' Like A VillainFile:HMV Chillin' Like A Villain-0File:HMV Chillin Like A Villain
File:HMV Chillin’ Like a VillainFile:HMV Chow DownFile:HMV Chow Down-0
File:HMV Chow Down 2018File:HMV Chu-Chi FaceFile:HMV Chu-Chi Face-0
File:HMV Chu-Chi Face-1File:HMV Chu-Chi Face - jimmyandfriends 29 styleFile:HMV Clayton is Tex Richman
File:HMV Clyaton as Gaston (Brodway Version)File:HMV ConfrontationFile:HMV Confrontation-0
File:HMV Confrontation-1File:HMV Court of MiraclesFile:HMV Cozy Glow's Big and Loud reprise
File:HMV Creature de la NuitFile:HMV Crowley Has a PlanFile:HMV Crud’s Goody Two-Shoes Brother
File:HMV Cruella De Vil (Selena Gomez Version)File:HMV Cutting EdgeFile:HMV Cutting Edge (Happy Birthday! Luke Yannuzzi!)
File:HMV Daddy's Little AngelFile:HMV Dark Flurry Heart (Dragon) Is The Big Bad CatFile:HMV Dave is Bad remake
File:HMV Delilah is the Big Bad CatFile:HMV Disney's Halloween TreatFile:HMV Do Something Terrible Day - zacthebear
File:HMV Do What You Gotta DoFile:HMV Do What You Gotta Do-0File:HMV Do You What Gotta Do
File:HMV Don't Buy a Parrot from a SailorFile:HMV Don't Fall in LoveFile:HMV Don't Fall in Love-0
File:HMV Don't Make Me LaughFile:HMV Don't Make Me Laugh-0File:HMV Don't Make Me Laugh-1
File:HMV Don't Make Me Laugh (Read Description)File:HMV Donita Donata is a Big Bad CatFile:HMV Don’t Fall In Love
File:HMV Double TroubleFile:HMV Double Trouble-0File:HMV Down, Down to Goblin Town
File:HMV Down, Down to Goblin Town-0File:HMV Down Down to Goblin TownFile:HMV Dr. Nefarious' Night Ball
File:HMV Dr. Terminus' HellfireFile:HMV Drago Singing Don't Make Me LaughFile:HMV Drake is a Pretty Bird
File:HMV Eduardo is The Oogie Boogie ManFile:HMV EvilFile:HMV Evil-0
File:HMV Evil-1File:HMV Evil - jaclyn-bachikFile:HMV Evil - patrick-hill
File:HMV Evil Emperor Zurg Has A PlanFile:HMV Evil Like MeFile:HMV Evil Like Me-0
File:HMV Evil Like Me-1File:HMV Evil Like Me-2File:HMV Evil Tonight
File:HMV Evil Tonight-0File:HMV Evil Tonight-1File:HMV Ex Lover's
File:HMV Fat Cat StompFile:HMV Feed Me SeymurFile:HMV Feel Like a Million
File:HMV Feel Like a Million-0File:HMV Feel Like a Million-1File:HMV Feel Like a Million-2
File:HMV Feels So Good to be BadFile:HMV Finale Disney Villains Medley (Happy Halloween!)File:HMV Food Glorious Food
File:HMV Forest of No ReturnFile:HMV Forest of No Return-0File:HMV Forest of no Return
File:HMV Friends On The Other SideFile:HMV Frightened In The NightFile:HMV Frightened In The Night zacthebear is back style
File:HMV Frightened in the NightFile:HMV Frightened in the Night-0File:HMV Frightened in the Night-1
File:HMV Frollo and Mother Gothel sing Something Stupid like I love youFile:HMV Funny Little ThingsFile:HMV Funny Little Things-0
File:HMV Funny Little Things (TheWildAnimal13)File:HMV Furry WolfmanFile:HMV Furry Wolfman 1234 khs stle
File:HMV Gaston is the Master of SeasFile:HMV General Mandible is ShinyFile:HMV Get Wicked
File:HMV Get Wicked-0File:HMV Get Wicked-1File:HMV Ghost in the Keys
File:HMV Ghost in the Keys-0File:HMV Ghost in the Keys-1File:HMV Ghost in the Keys-2
File:HMV Ghost in the Keys-3File:HMV Ghost of the MountainFile:HMV Ghost of the Mountain-0
File:HMV GhostbustersFile:HMV God's Little CreaturesFile:HMV God is Bigger
File:HMV God is Bigger-0File:HMV God is Bigger-1File:HMV God’s Little Creatures
File:HMV Gonna Get My WishFile:HMV Gonna Get My Wish-0File:HMV Gonna Take You Down
File:HMV Gonna Take you DownFile:HMV Goodbye So SoonFile:HMV Goodbye So Soon-0
File:HMV Goodbye So Soon (Starring Bill Cipher)File:HMV Gravitina is the Big Bad CatFile:HMV Grim Griming Ghost
File:HMV Grim Grininning Ghosts (House of Mouse Style)File:HMV Grim Grinning GhostsFile:HMV Grim Grinning Ghosts-0
File:HMV Grim Grinning Ghosts (DSAS version)File:HMV Grim Grinning Ghosts (Happy Birthday, David Caballero and Marco Ponzanelli!)File:HMV Grim Grinning Ghosts (House Of Mouse Style)
File:HMV Grim Grinning Ghosts (House of Mouse Style)File:HMV Grim Grinning Ghosts (House of Mouse Style)-0File:HMV Grim Grinning Ghosts (House of Mouse Style) - StrongDrew941
File:HMV Grinch NightFile:HMV Grinch Night-0File:HMV Grinch Night-1
File:HMV Grinch Night (Remake)File:HMV HI-5 in Robot HellFile:HMV Hades Has a Plan
File:HMV Hades is Gaston (Broadway Version)File:HMV Hades is The Master of Your FateFile:HMV Hallowen is Grinch Night
File:HMV Hard Rock HallehujahFile:HMV Hard Rock HallelujahFile:HMV Headless Horseman
File:HMV Heaven is a Place on EarthFile:HMV Heffalumps & WoozelsFile:HMV Heffalumps & Woozles (Angelica's Nightmare)
File:HMV Heffalumps and WoozlesFile:HMV HelfireFile:HMV Hellfire
File:HMV Hellfire-0File:HMV Hellfire (Count Dooku)File:HMV Hellfire (Dedicated to the Ohanas, Mizfitz, and Rascals) (Read Description)
File:HMV Hex GirlFile:HMV Hex Girl-0File:HMV Hex Girl-1
File:HMV Hex Girl-2File:HMV Hex Girl (8K Subs!!! Thanks!!!!)File:HMV Hex Girl (HAPPY HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARE NIGHT!!!)
File:HMV Hex GirlsFile:HMV High To Be LoathedFile:HMV High To Be Loathed-0
File:HMV High to Be LoathedFile:HMV High to Be Loathed (4,200+ Subscribers)File:HMV High to be Loathed
File:HMV High to be Loathed-0File:HMV How Bad Can I BeFile:HMV How Bad Can I Be-0
File:HMV Humiliate the BoyFile:HMV Humiliate the Boy (Remake)File:HMV Humiliate the Boy (Remake)-0
File:HMV Huxley Will SurviveFile:HMV I'm A MartianFile:HMV I'm Alive
File:HMV I'm Full of SurprisesFile:HMV I'm Gonna Run This DumpFile:HMV I'm Not Very Nice
File:HMV I'm Number OneFile:HMV I'm Number One-0File:HMV I'm a Martian
File:HMV I'm the Bad GuyFile:HMV I'm the Bad Guy-0File:HMV I'm the Bad Guy-1
File:HMV I, Ivan KrankFile:HMV I, Ivan Krank-0File:HMV I, Ivan Krank-1
File:HMV I, Ivan Krank-2File:HMV I Am Not AfraidFile:HMV I Am Not Afraid-0
File:HMV I Am Not Afraid-1File:HMV I Am Not Afraid-2File:HMV I Am Not Afraid-3
File:HMV I Go LooneyFile:HMV I Go Looney!File:HMV I Have A Plan
File:HMV I Have A Plan-0File:HMV I Have A Plan (READ DESCRIPTION)File:HMV I Have A Plan (Remake)
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