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File:Comic issue 60 cover B textless.jpgFile:Comic issue 60 credits page.jpgFile:Comic issue 60 page 1.jpg
File:Comic issue 60 page 2.jpgFile:Comic issue 60 page 3.jpgFile:Comic issue 60 page 4.jpg
File:Comic issue 60 page 5.jpgFile:Comic issue 61 cover A.jpgFile:Comic issue 61 page 1.jpg
File:Comic issue 61 page 2.jpgFile:Comic issue 61 page 3.jpgFile:Comic issue 61 sub cover.jpg
File:Comic issue 62 cover A.jpgFile:Comic issue 62 cover B textless.jpgFile:Comic issue 62 page 1.jpg
File:Comic issue 62 page 2.jpgFile:Comic issue 62 page 3.jpgFile:Comic issue 63 cover A.jpg
File:Comic issue 63 cover A textless.jpgFile:Comic issue 63 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 64 cover A.jpg
File:Comic issue 64 cover A textless.jpgFile:Comic issue 64 cover B.jpgFile:Comic issue 64 cover B textless.jpg
File:Comic issue 64 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 64 credits page.jpgFile:Comic issue 64 page 1.jpg
File:Comic issue 64 page 2.jpgFile:Comic issue 64 page 3.jpgFile:Comic issue 64 page 4.jpg
File:Comic issue 64 page 5.jpgFile:Comic issue 65 Disguised Celestia.pngFile:Comic issue 65 cover A.jpg
File:Comic issue 65 cover B.jpgFile:Comic issue 65 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 65 credits page.jpg
File:Comic issue 65 page 1.jpgFile:Comic issue 65 page 2.jpgFile:Comic issue 65 page 3.jpg
File:Comic issue 65 page 4.jpgFile:Comic issue 65 page 5.jpgFile:Comic issue 66 cover A.jpg
File:Comic issue 66 cover B.jpgFile:Comic issue 66 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 66 page 1.jpg
File:Comic issue 66 pages 2-3.jpgFile:Comic issue 67 cover A.jpgFile:Comic issue 67 cover B.jpg
File:Comic issue 67 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 67 page 1.jpgFile:Comic issue 67 pages 2-3.jpg
File:Comic issue 68 cover A.jpgFile:Comic issue 68 cover B.jpgFile:Comic issue 68 cover RI.jpg
File:Comic issue 68 credits page.jpgFile:Comic issue 68 page 1.jpgFile:Comic issue 68 page 2.jpg
File:Comic issue 68 page 3.jpgFile:Comic issue 68 page 4.jpgFile:Comic issue 68 page 5.jpg
File:Comic issue 69 cover A.jpgFile:Comic issue 69 cover B.jpgFile:Comic issue 69 cover RI.jpg
File:Comic issue 6 cover RI textless.jpgFile:Comic issue 71 cover A textless.jpgFile:Comic issue 71 credits page.jpg
File:Comic issue 71 page 1.jpgFile:Comic issue 71 page 4.jpgFile:Comic issue 71 page 5.jpg
File:Comic issue 71 pages 2-3.jpgFile:Comic issue 72 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 72 credits page.jpg
File:Comic issue 72 page 4.jpgFile:Comic issue 72 page 5.jpgFile:Comic issue 73 cover A.jpg
File:Comic issue 73 cover B.jpgFile:Comic issue 73 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 73 credits page.jpg
File:Comic issue 73 page 1.jpgFile:Comic issue 73 page 2.jpgFile:Comic issue 73 page 3.jpg
File:Comic issue 73 page 4.jpgFile:Comic issue 73 page 5.jpgFile:Comic issue 74 cover A.jpg
File:Comic issue 74 cover B.jpgFile:Comic issue 74 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 74 page 4.jpg
File:Comic issue 74 page 5.jpgFile:Comic issue 75 cover A textless.jpgFile:Comic issue 75 cover B.jpg
File:Comic issue 75 cover RE.jpgFile:Comic issue 75 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 76 cover A.jpg
File:Comic issue 76 page 1.jpgFile:Comic issue 76 page 2.jpgFile:Comic issue 76 page 3.jpg
File:Comic issue 78 cover A.jpgFile:Comic issue 79 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 80 cover A.jpg
File:Comic issue 80 cover RI.jpgFile:Comic issue 8 Emerald Knights cover textless.jpgFile:Comic issue 8 cover RI textless.jpg
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