Lincoln and Clyde: The Epic Time is a summer special episode to during Lincoln and Clyde goes crazy. Meanwhile, Hypnomaniac and his Dazzlings create two monsters to track down the two boys in the fun. can't Numbuh One same a fight plan day!

Svengali, By GollyEdit

  • Hypnomaniac is unleashed into the real world and he controls the house monsters to attack the kids. The Beetleborgs must find Hypnomaniac and destroy him so the house monsters are not under the control of Vexor anymore. While the Magnavor trio are fired by Vexor and have to make a living earning money off humans.

Bulk FictionEdit

  • Bulk’s infatuation with the daughter of a high ranking officer soon puts both his, Skull’s & Lt. Stone’s careers in jeopardy.

Runaway SpikeEdit

  • The Samurai Rangers battle a Nighlok that creates mirror images in order to confuse them.

Two MonstersEdit


Hypnomaniac and the DazzlingsEdit

The Dazzlings at the start of the tour EG2
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