The Loud House Lincoln Nickelodeon 3
Lincoln Loud's Study Meddle is a summer special to during help for the Rainbooms with Sisters. expect goes well, Lisa Loud goes under a plan, Heinz Doofenshmirtz sends Photominator, Amp Head, Cyber-Serpent, Dice Head, Mucant, Unctuous, Evil Eye, Spidertron & Polluticorn. led by Midnight Sparkle. to Lincoln helps into action only 9 Sisters. as Ronnie Anne goes into Hillhurst Mansion fun with Flabber and his Friends & Rainbooms. to fight with the Midnight Sparkle and the several monsters.

The Littlest BrattleborgEdit

  • Oliver visits his cousins - Drew and Jo and when he pretends to be a Beetleborgs by dressing up like one, the Magnavors capture him as they believe he is a real Beetleborg.

Monster RockEdit

  • A rock band moves into Hillhurst.

The Doctor Is InEdit

  • Dr. Baron Von Frankenbeans, the creator of the House Monster known simply as Frankenbeans, arrives at Hillhurst for a visit. The doctor runs experiments and tests on Flabber and the other House Monsters to check on their health.

The Brain in the AtticEdit

  • The House Monsters find what appears to be a brain in their attic. Little do they realize, that it was placed there by the Magnavores to spy on them and the Beetleborg kids.

Pet ProblemsEdit

  • Zoom Comics discovers a lost pet while the Beetleborgs had to take care of another monster released from the Comics.

Fangula's Last BiteEdit

  • Count Fangula's "victim quota" is low, as he hasn't drank any blood in weeks! Vlad the Impaler, head vampire from the old country, comes to Hillhurst to make sure he gets back on track.

Big Bad LuckEdit

  • A monster called Evil Eye attacks the city sending out bad luck to everyone it encounters.

Itsy Bitsy SpiderEdit

  • Trini & Billy petition to save the Forest Spirit Statue from demolition. It supposedly protects the woods from nasty bug infestations. Rita swipes the statue and replaces it with a lookalike, which hides her Spidertron monster within. Zack brings his young Hip-Hop Kido class to the park to work out nearby, and all but the Black Ranger are put under a sleeping spell by Spidertron. Unfortunately for Zack, he's deathly afraid of bugs, spiders especially!

Clean-Up ClubEdit

  • Inspired by Trini's video project on pollution, the Ranger teens organize a Clean-Up Club. They set out to make Angel Grove Park a cleaner place. Rita sends down the Polluticorn monster, to undo all of their hard work, and destroy the world.

Midnight Sparkle and his MonstersEdit

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