Lightspeed & Galaxy Rangers The Adventure Movie is a summer special episode to during Lightspeed & Galaxy Rangers are the fun with...KND. Meanwhile, Dark Oak sends first timing of a best monsters. Could Numbuh One beat it in the first timing meddle.

Operation LightspeedEdit

When three desert voyeurs release demons from a crypt in which they were imprisoned, they vow to destroy the city of Mariner Bay, which has been built above the remnants of their once formidable empire. To challenge these forces, the military organization Lightspeed Rescue recruits five diverse, experienced people to comprise a new team of Power Rangers to save Mariner Bay.

Quasar QuestEdit

On the distant planet of Mirinoi, the insidious forces of the alien monarch Scorpius attack and terrorize the population, eager to seize the Quasar Sabers.

Whilst Leo, Kendrix, Maya, & Mike battle Furio and the Stingwingers on Mirinoi, Kai enlists the aide of Astro Megaship, technician Damon & Alpha 6 to help him pilot the vessel into the maverick wormhole and assist his friends. Once all six have been assembled, five of them are drawn to the Quasar Sabers, and free them from the stone, but a tragic turn of events leaves only four of the chosen left, will a new leader rise to the occasion?

Race to the RescueEdit

Maya hears the distant pleas of help from five Galactabeasts held captive by Scorpius’s forces. She persuades the remaining Galaxy Rangers to take the Megaship to the planet the Galactabeasts are held on and free them.

Monsters with Red PineEdit

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