Kids Next Door on the Best of Fourth Style is a episode to during fun with...The Indpendence of Fourth Best with...KND Sector V, could the plan defeat the commander Black Narcissus and his Monsters.


  • In order to track down and nullify the threat of the alien copycat criminal Slate, a new SPD Battlizier is developed. Sky is assigned to gain information on Slate from the criminal Mirloc, who, unbeknownst to Sky, is the being responsible for the death of his father.
  • Learning of how closely connected Mirloc is to his past, Sky angrily confronts Cruger over concealing the truth from him for so long. Meanwhile, Mirloc offers his services to Gruumm and uses his unique reflective powers to seize control of B-Squad’s weapons and ultimately captures them.

Quantum QuestEdit

  • Conwing uses a voice modulator to imitate Eric’s voice and seize control of the Q-Rex.

Black Narcissus and the Two MonstersEdit

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