KND of the Summer, of a Hot-Tense is a summer special to during fun with...The Kids Next Door with the Spies.

Glyph HangerEdit

Adam’s play is hampered when he begins to unknowingly use a monster’s staff as a prop, transforming words around him into hieroglyphics.

Reign of the JellyfishEdit

When the Power Rangers bury a time capsule for Angel Grove High School, Rita sends down Jellyfish to trap the Power Rangers in an alternate dimension.

Something FishyEdit

Due to a bad experience as a child, Billy is deathly afraid of fish. Rita plays on his fear by casting a spell on him and bringing this fear to the surface.

Two Heads Are Better Than OneEdit

Tommy & Jason are teaching a self-defense course for the mothers of Angel Grove, and when Rita hears Tommy utter the phrase “Two Heads Are Better Than One”, she decides to take his advice for herself and sends down the Two-Headed Parrot to attack the Power Rangers.

Putty on the BrainEdit

Lord Zedd casts a spell on Billy & Zack’s new glasses causing them to think their fellow Ranger friends are Z Putties.

Welcome to Venus IslandEdit

When Trini’s young neighbor is kidnapped by Goldar while at the beach with the Power Rangers, they have to act fast and rescue her from the extremely dangerous Venus Island, where the Invenusable Flytrap is awaiting their arrival.

This Old GhostEdit

Old man Hillhurst returns to his old home. There's only one glitch... he wants Flabber and the gang out right away!

Fangs Over ChartervilleEdit

Flabber hosts a special breakfast for everyone at Hillhurst. Miffed that there is no blood, Fangula storms off and bites Van and Trip.


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