Invasion of the Operative Snatchers is a Halloween Special to during fun with...The Kids Next Door between plan of the favourite monsters from the past by the hosted by...Midnight Sparkle.

Invasion of the Ranger SnatchersEdit

Whilst serving as movie extras in the filming of a new theatrical science fiction adventure, the Zeo Rangers find their lives on the verge of a permanent cut when Prince Sprocket intends to use them in his newest production.

The Great EvilyzerEdit

A new weapon enables Astronema to turn virtually anything evil which leads the Space Rangers to face a corrupted Delta Megaship.

Pet ProblemsEdit

Things get hairy when the terrible trio decides to cause a little "pet mischief" by kidnapping all the pets in town.

Bride of FrankenbeansEdit

When Baron Von Frankenbeans pieces together a bride for young Frankenbeans and brings her to life, the terrible trio schemes to ruin the wedding.

Fangula's Last BiteEdit

Flabber is upset that he might lose his roommate, Fangula, since he's been neglecting his vampire duties.

The Good, The Bad and The ScaryEdit

While Mums and Fangula argue over which of them is scarier, Wolfie searches Flabber's book for a spell to switch people's bodies.

Midnight Sparkle and his MonstersEdit

Various MonstersEdit

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