KND - A Labour Day Marathon is a tv special to during fun with...The Kids Next Door to a fun of the Labour Day Weekend to defeat the wicked King Sombra.

A Friend in NeedEdit

On distant Edenoi, the Edonites, now slaves to the merciless Count Dregon, rely on their protector Masked Rider for deliverance. A homesick Alpha 5 asks the Power Rangers to travel on a dangerous mission to his homeworld, Edenoi to check on his creator, King Lexian.

The Power Rangers are mistaken for enemies and allies of Count Dregon by the Masked Rider. Meanwhile, on Earth, Kimberly slightly ill with the flu must come to Angel Grove’s defense when Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa unleash Repellator.

Kimberly continues to battle the Repellator while the Power Rangers assist Dex and his Ednonites against Dragon’s Army.

True Blue to the RescueEdit

Former Blue Ranger Justin is visited by Storm Blaster, having escaped from Divatox’s grip. The Blue Ranger & Storm Blaster unite when the remaining Space Rangers & Lighting Cruiser are on the verge of defeat.

Invasion of the Body SwitcherEdit

Astronema uses her monsters shapeshifting ability to become an exact duplicate of Ashley.

Survival of the SilverEdit

Arriving on a hostile planet, the Space Rangers are overwhelmed by the planets inhabitants. Damage to a cryogenic preservation unit however brings to life a new ally, the Silver Ranger.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

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