KND, Operation of a Best Ending of the Summer is a tv special episode to during with...The Kids Next Door, The Four Spies and Zhane the Silver Ranger.

Grumble BeeEdit

When Billy receives his very first B, Rita sends down the Grumble Bee.

Red with EnvyEdit

Andros becomes jealous after Zhane starts to bond with Ashley.

The Silver SecretEdit

Zhane’s limited powers become known to Astronema, and she schemes to exploit it in a bid to eliminate the Silver Ranger once and for all.

A Date with DangerEdit

Zhane & Astronema fall head over heels with one another when the Silver Ranger saves the Princess of Evil from a rogue monster.

Zhane's DestinyEdit

The Space Rangers, searching for clues to Zordon’s location in the depths of space, discover that inhabitants of KO-35.

Pale Bay Leaf and his MonstersEdit

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