Midnight sparkle commission by illumnious-dar06se - rus
It a 'Evil' Monsters for the Fall of Evil - Midnight Sparkle is a autumn episode to during Midnight Sparkle create the monsters to the terrorize the town for...The Dazzlings.

No Clowning AroundEdit

  • The Power Rangers, along with Trini’s cousin, Sylvia, try and enjoy a day of fun at the Angel Grove fair. Rita, who despises fun, sends down Pineoctopus to put a damper on their good time.

The Queen's ReturnEdit

  • Spellbinder begins a ceremony that will restore Queen Bansheera to a physical form.

Stolen BeautyEdit

  • Trakeena begins stealing the beauty from the females of Terra Venture.

Carlos on CallEdit

  • A little girl named Silvy discovers Carlos’ secret identity and blackmails him into fulfilling her every order.


  • Sky’s best friend Dru returns to Earth after a year missing from duty. Loyalties are tested however when Dru is implicated in a failed assassination attempt on Cruger’s life.


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