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It Came From Out of the Nowhere is a 2-parter of the fun of Power Rangers In Space. Numbuhs 1-5 & Spies going on the mission to beat the plan as...Dark Oak & Astronema.

From Out of NowhereEdit

A mysterious Red Ranger gatecrashes a summit of villains preparing their next strike against the universe. Meanwhile, the shuttle carrying the powerless ex-Turbo Rangers is pulled into a mysterious spaceship.

The Princess Of Evil Astronema is dispatched by the malevolent Dark Specter to locate and eliminate the Red Ranger. Faced with no other option, the Red Ranger Andros, enlists the aid of the other teens and gives them new powers to combat Astronema’s Army.

Dark Oak & AstronemaEdit

Astronema (First Episode) - by 76859Thomas
Dark Oak closeup - S2e12 - Sonic X UK TV-Rip by Andyscot
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