It's Summertime, Kids and the Agent WOOHP Spies Next Door Battle Stations! is a tv special to during fun with...The Kids Next Door Sector V Operatives and the Top Secret Agent WOOHP Spies to get it & destroy as...Dark Oak and the army of monsters to a plan it.

A Monster of Global PorportionsEdit

Delegates of the impending Peace Conference in Switzerland arrive in Angel Grove, and Lord Zedd takes full advantage of their arrival to initiate an international incident by unleashing a monster created from the sculpture of a world globe.

The Delta DiscoveryEdit

The Phantom Ranger,who has found Zordon in the process of being transported by Divatox, sends a distress signal to the Space Rangers.

The Old Gray FlabberEdit

Nukus has a special portrait of Flabber sent to him, and before long, Flabber starts turning old and gray.

Horror HotelEdit

Flabber and the House Monsters turn Hillhurst into "The Horror Hotel" to raise money for renovations.

Dark Oak and his MonstersEdit

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