I, Am be the Plan, Enter...King Mondo is a summer special episode to during with...the evil King Mondo and the group of monsters into the terrorize Angel Grove Downtown. can't the plan as...The Kids Next Door.

Mondo's Last StandEdit

Rocky begins to feel as if he’s no longer needed with Jason now back with the team. King Mondo takes possession of the powerful sword that grants him incredible strength and uses it to begin an attack on Angel Grove.

The Trouble with ShellshockEdit

As Rita rests, Squatt & Baboo attempt to take charge and send the clumsy Shellshock to Angel Grove.

Bloom of DoomEdit

When the Power Rangers start up their own clubs at the Youth Center, Lord Zedd uses this to his advantage and casts a spell on Kimberly, making her very jealous and hostile towards Trini.

When is a Ranger Not A Ranger?Edit

Lord Zedd uses Adam’s kaleidoscope to create Scatterbrain, who erases Tommy, Billy & Kimberly’s memories.

The Ghost is ToastEdit

Dr. Buster Zapper plans to go to the Hillhurst House with his phasm blaster, while Jara, Noxic and Typhus summon Terror Bear from the comic book.


When Fire Kat is pulled out of the comic by the Magnavors, he is far less ferocious than they hoped, so they decide to give him some lessons.

Haunted HideoutEdit

As Nano is about to make a deposit at the Charterville Bank, two bank robbers take her money and run -- straight into the Hillhurst House.

Yo, Ho Borgs!Edit

When the kids are assigned to do group reports on a historical figure, Drew and Roland choose Blackbeard the Pirate.

King Mondo and his MonstersEdit

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