Cowboy Numbuh 4
Hotter of the Week Best of Numbuh 4 is a summer special episode to during A fun of become as...Cowboy Numbuh 4 to the defeat Zelkova and his monsters.

Wild West RangersEdit

Kimberly is thrown backwards in time and finds herself in the Old West, where she meets the ancestors of her friends.

With Lord Zedd’s forces poised to conquer the Old West, Kimberly has no choice but to teleport to the Command Center and asks Zordon to give the Power Coins to her friends’ ancestors.

Grandma MatchmakerEdit

Ashley’s grandmother arrives for a visit in order to get Ashley a husband. Meanwhile. Astronema sends down Mamamite to plant her babies in the soils of Angel Grove.

Stolen BeautyEdit

Trakeena begins stealing the beauty from the females of Terra Venture.

Fangs Over ChartervilleEdit

Count Fangula attacks the people in Charterville, turning Van and Trip into vampires!

Sunset Boo-LevardEdit

An aging starlet from Hollywood's silent era shows up at Hillhurst, wanting to make a comeback.


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