Have Some Summer Fun! is a tv special episode to during fun the Four Spies to goes fun in the vacation of Hawaii. The Spies wants to a defeat of plan, the beat Prince Gasket & Archerina create the Summer Monsters from the Past into the Summer of Love attacks at the Beach Club, can the Spies defeat the two enemies in the Summer of Love.

Hawaii ZeoEdit

Prince Gasket & Archerina are manipulated by Prince Sprocket into attacking the Zeo Rangers as giants.

Zedd WavesEdit

Lord Zedd’s latest monster transmits a powerful subconscious message into the minds of Angel Grove using radio frequencies, which also effects the Power Rangers.

When is a Ranger Not A Ranger?Edit

Lord Zedd uses Adam’s kaleidoscope to create Scatterbrain, who erases Tommy, Billy & Kimberly’s memories.

Mighty Morphin MutantsEdit

Goldar select Putties worthy enough to become evil Power Rangers.

Yo Ho BorgsEdit

When the kids are assigned to do group reports on a historical figure, Drew and Roland choose Blackbeard the Pirate.

Prince Gasket and his MonstersEdit

Vs. Prince Gasket & Archerina (The Beach Club Style)Edit

Archerina with Gasket in the Beach Club (PRZ-UK) - by 76859Thomas

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