Fun in the during...Happiest Mother's Day Fun. with Totally Spies! & Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Mommies DearestEdit

  • Looking for Mother's Day gifts for their mothers, Clover, Sam and Alex find a flier about a special offer at a spa. But after they get there, they notice that their moms are not behaving normally when they make ruthless attempts to do them in. They find out that their nemesis Tim Scam has escaped from prison and has turned their mothers into cold-blooded assassins and plans to abduct them. In the subplot, Jerry spends Mother's Day at his mum's house in England.

Two Heads Are Better Than OneEdit

  • Tommy & Jason teach the mothers of Angel Grove some self-defense courses at the Youth Center. Their motto for the moms, two heads are better than one. Rita is inspired, as always, and has Finster create a Two-Headed Parrot monster. Teamwork, two-heads times three, plus a Pamango fruit are needed to take out this double-bird brained menace.
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