Halloween of the Best Favourite of Awesome is a Halloween episode to during fun of the best fun in the Halloween with...Numbuh 1, Meanwhile, Dark Oak had an idea about, the monsters of plan with...Chromite as a Shadow Enemy with Black Narcissus. the monsters attacks terrorize of the city, can't help for the plan with...The Spies.

Shadow RangersEdit

Divatox’s Chromite blasts the Turbo Rangers with a device capable of absorbing their powers and using them to create the menacing Shadow Rangers.

The Craterite InvasionEdit

When the Astro Megaship is struck by lightning, the Craterites from the Simudeck become corporeal and start to blend into a neighborhood in Angel Grove.

The Power StealerEdit

While cleaning up Angel Grove, the teens get trapped by Octophantom who attempts to drain the Power Rangers of their powers.


Boom, with help from Bridge, Z & Syd is forced to lie to his parents that he is the Orange Ranger when they come to visit him. Meanwhile, Jack & Sky disappear while investigating a disturbance in a warehouse.


Black Narcissus with Shadow ChromiteEdit

Black Narcissus (Sonic X UK)
Shadow Chromite

Dark Oak and his Shadow RangersEdit

Dark Oak (A Best Villain of Sonic X UK) - Facebook for Jetix UK
Shadow Rangers (Power Rangers Turbo UK) - by 76859Thomas
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