Go Home or Away - with Cosmo and his Friends is a episode to during fun with...Cosmo the Seedrian with Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney to defeat Crazar and his Monsters.

Home and AwayEdit

  • The Fearcats unleash the power of the Octavian Chalice, Tyzonn is injured in battle and awakens on his home planet.
  • Tyzonn must come to terms with the revelation that he was never a Power Ranger.

Way Back ThenEdit

  • Determined to locate the jewels of the Corona Aurora, the Overdrive Rangers use Mack’s memory to reflect on their previous missions in an attempt to make sense of which jewel belongs to each faction.

A Gem for A DayEdit

  • Using fragments from the Gem Of Souls stashed away by Hunter, Cam infiltrates Lothor’s ship in an attempt to free the captured ninja students.

House of CardsEdit

  • Ethan’s prized Ruby Dragon Card that he uses to win the card game “Dragon Wars” is confiscated by Principal Randal. Tommy’s efforts to regain the card ultimately lead to him discovering Randal’s true identity.


  • Broodwing and his assistant Professor Cerebros of the New Tech City Laboratory bring the Dino Thunder Rangers to the future. It soon falls to the Dino Thunder Rangers & SPD Rangers to foil Broodwing & Gruumm’s plan.


  • One of Broodwing’s allies impersonates a respected meteorologist and succeeds in setting a meteor on a collision course with Earth.

Crazar and his MonstersEdit

Zelkova and his VillainsEdit


  • Cosmo is only the main character with Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney from the series Totally Spies!.
  • Among the monsters by Crazar are: Condortron from A Gem for A Day, Ruby Dragon from House of Cards, Kraw from Impact and Dragoul from History.
  • Among the villains by Zelkova to the battle of Kids Next Door are: Mig, Benglo, Motodrone, Elsa and Gruumm.
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