Go, Go, Kids Next Door is a summer special episode to during fun with...The Kids Next Door to fight between the monsters by...King Sombra.

Rangers Back in TimeEdit

Using the Rock of Time, Lord Zedd turns the Earth back, reducing the teens to helpless children. With the Power Rangers unable to defend themselves, Lord Zedd unleashes Photomare.

Alpha attempts to free the young Power Rangers , who are trapped in Photomare’s dastardly photo prison. However, even if the kids are returned to normal, can anything be done to stop the Rock of Time?

Inner SpiritEdit

Tommy begins having nightmares connected to his encounter with Native American True Of Heart during the Zeo Sub-Crystal Quest, as the Red Zeo Ranger tries to make sense of the nightmares, he encounters Sam Trueheart, who looks strangely familiar to him.


Tommy, seeking answers from Sam Trueheart, returns to the mountains outside Angel Grove, but Tommy soon finds himself on a vision quest, and driven towards a mysterious young stranger who is connected heavily to his past.

A Drive to WinEdit

Adam teaches wayward soccer player Carlos about teamwork, whilst Divatox plants a bomb beneath the soccer game scoreboard.

The Barillian StingEdit

Carlos & Cassie become infected with the sting of an alien creature deployed by the treacherous Darkonda.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

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