Get or Swim is a summer special episode to during fun of the Numbuhs 1-5 of Sector V, Meanwhile, Dark Oak had an idea about to the plan with monsters & get rid of a time plan. can't Kongs must defeat those monsters in it.

Sync or SwimEdit

  • A fun rivalry between Tyler & Ivan becomes a problem when it interferes with the efforts of the Dino Charge Rangers to find and defuse a bomb planted by Sledge’s monsters.

Green CourageEdit

  • In desperate need of a mechanic to make vital repairs to the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena arranges the kidnapping of High Councilor Reiner and demands Damon’s services in exchange for her safe return.

A Mystery to MeEdit

  • Prince Gasket traps the Zeo Rangers one by one as they play a game of whodunit. Katherine is ultimately left alone to contend with Archerina.

When is a Ranger Not A Ranger?Edit

  • Lord Zedd uses Adam’s kaleidoscope to create Scatterbrain, who erases Tommy, Billy & Kimberly’s memories.

Grumble BeeEdit

  • When Billy receives his very first B, Rita send down the Grumble Bee.

Reign of the JellyfishEdit

  • When the Power Rangers bury a time capsule for Angel Grove High School, Rita, sends down Jellyfish to trap the Power Rangers in an alternate dimension.

Nano in the HouseEdit

  • Nano discovers a bracelet inside a closet, and puts it on. Now, whoever is in the presence of her, becomes her servant. And take a guess just what happens when she visits Hillhurst!

The Brain in the AtticEdit

  • The House Monsters find what appears to be a brain in their attic. Little do they realize, that it was placed there by the Magnavores to spy on them and the Beetleborg kids.


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