Black Narcissus (Sonic X UK)
Get Loud, Louder & Louded is a Halloween episode to during fun to get Black Narcissus gets the ultrasound test, rid of the monsters into a plan with...The Destroy of KND Sector V & The Spies of WHOOP.

Turn Up the VolumeEdit

  • Damon’s bid to become Terra Venture’s chief mechanic is soured when an opportunistic cipher called Baxter steals his ideas for a new Ultra-Sonic Transmitter weapon, and takes credit for them. However, when the colony attempts to make use of the device against Decibat, the half-finished schematics create problems.

Grumble BeeEdit

  • When Billy receives his very first B, Rita send down the Grumble Bee.

The Song of GuitardoEdit

  • When Lord Zedd spoils the teens picnic in the park, and unleashes his Guitardo monster on Angel Grove, it’s up to Kimberly & Tommy to rescue their friends from the trance Guitardo has them under.

The Song of ConfusionEdit

  • Cassie holds several auditions for a new band, but the members she accepts have already signed a life-long contract to Divatox’s Army. Once signed, the renegade musicians perform a grating, sense-shattering number that plays havoc with the equilibrium of all who hears it, including the Turbo Rangers.

For Cryin' Out LoudEdit

  • Tommy & Katherine are given the responsibility of looking after a baby for a day, a youngster named Joey, whose persistent crying causes havoc when it is magnified ten fold by the Machine Empire’s latest product, Boohoo The Clown.

Monster RockEdit

  • Nano meets a famous rock band that is in Charterville to make a record, and Trip suggests they rehearse at the Hillhurst House.

Black Narcissus and her MonstersEdit

Grumble Bee fires the ultrasonic waves at...Sam, Clover, Alex, Yellow Ranger & Blue RangerEdit

MMPR Fanart Grumble Bee fires the ultrasonic waves at Sam, Clover & Alex, Yellow Ranger & Blue Ranger by 76859Thomas

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