Freak Those of a Get-like A Plan Summertime is a summer special episode to during fight those of a evil monsters. from Midnight Sparkle, can't you help with Numbuh One.

Buggin OutEdit

  • A bug creature is released from the newest issue of Beetleborgs. He's accidentally merged with Flabber!

Football SeasonEdit

  • When Tommy is having trouble making the Angel Grove High Football Team, Rita sends down Rhino Blaster and a few Putties to challenge the Power Rangers in a good old fashioned game of football.

Two for OneEdit

  • While on a date with Tommy in Angel Grove Park, Kimberly’s purse is stolen by Lord Zedd’s Putties. Lord Zedd makes the contents of the purse into two monsters.

A Chimp in ChargeEdit

  • Katherine attempts to teach a monkey named Kelly sign language in order to communicate. Rita & Zedd transforms Kelly into the Sinister Simian, forcing the Pink Ranger and the others to fight it.

Target RangersEdit

  • Rocky develops a romantic interest in his study partner as they work on a new video game. King Mondo dispatches his Cogs to take the program with the intent on applying it to his new machine, Silo.

Rangers in the OutfieldEdit

  • Tanya’s egotistical boyfriend Shawn, rears his head again when he begins to resent Tanya’s superb ability at pitching the ball, which soon leads to her being signed to his team.


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