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First Day of the Fun of Zeo & Beetleborgs is a autumn episode to during fun of the best of Zeo Rangers & Beetleborgs. Cosmo and his Spies must defeat the first robot-like monster named Staroid. Lincoln Loud and his 9 Sisters must fight with the Magnavores. Lucy having with Numbuh 4. can't the test for the best of Numbuh 1.

The Shooting StarEdit

  • Tanya’s boyfriend, Shawn, intends to cheat on his exams rather than study to preserve his position as captain of the football team. Meanwhile, King Mondo escalates the scales and unleashes the monstrous Staroid to demolish Angel Grove.

Beetle RockEdit

  • In an attempt to prove themselves to a pair of snobby brothers, comic-fans Drew, Jo, and Roland bet them on who can stay in the reportedly haunted Hillhurst Mansion longer. They all quickly discover the local legends about the place are true, as they run afoul of its inhabitants: a Frankenstein Monster, a vampire, and a mummy! But it's the magical being trapped in a pipe organ that will really change their lives... and the world's!
  • Flabber makes Drew, Roland, and Jo's wish come true, and they're given the ability to transform into the comic book superheroes, the Beetleborgs, for real! But in doing so, the magical Phasm opens a gateway to the comic dimension, and the Beetleborgs' enemies, evil creatures called Magnavores, slip into our world. Now the three pre-teens use the powers and arsenal of the Beetleborgs to combat the Magnavors, and only once they're defeated and sent back to the comic world can the portal be closed, and the Earth be safe again.
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