Favourite of a Christmas Stories of the Show is a episode to during fun of the Favourite Shows with Big Bad Beetleborgs, Totally Spies and Sonic X.

Big Bad Beetleborgs - Christmas Spells and Phasm SpellsEdit

  • The Beetleborgs, Flabber and the monsters of Hillhurst celebrate their first Christmas together, while a fund is being raised for the less-fortunate kids of Charterville at the Charterville comic store. Vexor's crew was sent out to destroy Christmas for everyone, but the Beetleborgs came into action and attacks the Magnevors, but they escaped. Flabber adds some Christmas spirit to the monsters of Hillhurst and returns all the gifts to the people of their town. Van, Trip, and Dudley gets into the Christmas spirit and helps the party for the less-fortunate children.

Totally Spies! - Ho-Ho-Ho-No!Edit

  • It's the holiday season but the Spies don't get a vacation. Their latest mission is to investigate an Unidentified Flying Object - right above Beverly Hills! After the Spies finish investigating, the town gets a strange weather twist in the form of a blizzard. While everyone is snowed in, the Spies race to find the culprit and stop the snow before the town is completely buried!

Sonic X - An Underground OddysseyEdit

  • Cosmo and Tails try to steal a Chaos Emerald from an underground Metarex fortress.


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