Nightmare Moon in shadow S5E26
Face-to-Face with Nightmare Moon is a Halloween episode to during a evil ways of Nightmare Moon create the monsters of evil and destroy Kids Next Door.

Final Face-OffEdit

  • When Rita awakens The Face Stealer, the Power Rangers must stop him from stealing the faces of Angel Grove Citizens.

The Brain in the AtticEdit

  • The House Monsters find what appears to be a brain in their attic. Little do they realize, that it was placed there by the Magnavores to spy on them and the Beetleborg kids.

Jo's Strange ChangeEdit

  • Wolfgang plays around with Flabber's spellbook, and accidentally changes Jo into looking like a different girl!

Buggin OutEdit

  • A bug creature is released from the newest issue of Beetleborgs. He's accidentally merged with Flabber!

Big Bad LuckEdit

  • A monster called Evil Eye attacks the city sending out bad luck to everyone it encounters.


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