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Fun in the during...Donkey Kong and his Heroes VS Tabuu (Final Battle).

ラストボス - タブーEdit

Screenshot 2019-04-29 ラストバトル!スマブラX 亜空の使者-39「ラスボス戦 タブー(最後の戦いであのキャラも参戦!)

Donkey Kong and his Heroes teamup the ultimate last true of the baddest epic showdown as...Tabuu. Donkey and his heroes assembled with Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, Chunky, Cosmo, Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy, Doremi, Hana, Momoko, Aiko, Hazuki and Onpu.


Screenshot 2019-04-29 ラストバトル!スマブラX 亜空の使者-39「ラスボス戦 タブー(最後の戦いであのキャラも参戦!)」 - final

Tabuu is defeated by...Donkey Kong and his Heroes is victory to back to the home world of peace.

The Winner - Donkey Kong and his KongsEdit

Kong Family (Donkey Kong 64 Japanese) artwork

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