Don't Fear the Baddests is a Halloween episode to during fun with...Cosmo the Seedrian & the Spies of WOOHP. Dark Oak getting with...the evil King Sombra had an horror-like bad idea, about the monsters coming plan time horrible, can't the plan with...Cosmo and his Spies.

Don't Fear the ReaperEdit

  • When Little Ghoul's uncle, the Grim Reaper, comes to town, she tells everyone that Reaper is retiring and needs a replacement.

Fowl PlayEdit

  • Rita interrupts Zack’s Magic Show at Ernie’s Juice Bar when she sends down Peckster to battle the Power Rangers.

Something FishyEdit

  • Due to a bad experience as a child, Billy is deathly afraid of fish. Rita plays on his fear by casting a spell on him and bringing this fear to the surface.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

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