Day Before of the Monsters is a Halloween episode to during fun with...Father and his Monsters.

Fangula's Last BiteEdit

  • Flabber is upset that he might lose his roommate, Fangula, since he's been neglecting his vampire duties.

I, Eye GuyEdit

  • When Rita finds out that Billy is helping his young friend Willy with his science fair project, she releases Eye Guy on Angel Grove to capture the boy.

Happy Birthday, ZackEdit

  • When his friends plan Zack a surprise birthday party, he is led to believe they have forgotten his birthday. Things worsen when Rita sends down Knasty Knight as her birthday present for Zack.

No Clowning AroundEdit

  • The Power Rangers, along with Trini’s cousin, Sylvia, try and enjoy a day of fun at the Angel Grove fair. Rita, who despises fun, sends down Pineoctopus to put a damper on their good time.

Itsy Bitsy SpiderEdit

  • Rita switches out a Forrest Spirit Statue from Angel Grove park and replaces it with her own- one which holds her Spidertron inside.

Power Ranger PunksEdit

  • When Baboo poisons Kimberly & Billy’s lemonade with a potion that turns them into punks. Meanwhile, Trini, Zack and Jason must do battle with the dangerous Terror Toad who defeats his opponents by eating them.

Dark WarriorEdit

  • When Rita finds out that Trini’s scientist uncle is working on an invisibility formula, she sends down her latest monster, the Dark Warrior to capture him and obtain the formula.

Calamity KimberlyEdit

  • When Kimberly is having an unlucky day, Rita takes note of this and sends down her Samurai Fanman down to Earth to make her day even worse.

Rocky Just Wants to Have FunEdit

  • Rocky becomes obsessed with Ernie’s new pachinco machine, and when Lord Zedd casts a spell on him, Rocky soon makes having fun his only priority.

Mirror of RegretEdit

  • Adam is confronted by the darkest demons of his past when Goldar exposes him to the Mirror of Regret.

Final Face OffEdit

  • When Rita awakens The Face Stealer, the Power Rangers must stop him from stealing the faces of Angel Grove Citizens.

Father and his MonstersEdit

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