Conner's Spring is a special episode from by the parody of fun best spring of the season from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

The Passion of ConnorEdit

  • Conner gets involved with an environmentalist campaign to save a hundred year old tree, all so he can impress a girl named Krista. The tree, which grows over a Lifeforce Spring, is sought by not only Mesogog, but also his former General turned enemy, Zeltrax, who uses its sap to gain increased power! Can Conner learn a lesson in inner confidence to find his passion as a Ranger, and in the process, unlock his Battlizer Mode to take on the upgraded Zeltrax when Krista is threatened? And can the new Triceramax Megazord help in cutting down the tree-spawned Deadwood Monster?

Root of All EvilEdit

  • A plant monsters is sent out of the Comics to destroy the Beetleborgs.

A Few Bad SeedsEdit

  • Rocky's strange botany experiment, a plant that eats metal, and Skull's own one made from swiping part of his, get turned into a pair of Plant Monsters by the Machine Empire. One of which, the Pollenator, sprays its creator with a pollen that causes Rocky to turn into a living vegetable!

Nowhere to GrowEdit

  • The Rangers discover the Kelzaks planting strange seeds, along with a monster called Florabundacus. Cam is refused being allowed to bring the seeds to botanist Dr Belrab by his father, who has long kept a promise to his deceased wife to keep their son out of harm's way by not letting him become a ninja. Going anyway, Cam ends up smack dab in the middle of a plot by Lothor's minions to wrap the city in Florabundacus' roots and vines.

The Spit FlowerEdit

  • Kimberly is given the task of designing a flower float for the big Angel Grove parade. But Putties drop by the Juice Bar, and trash it before she can turn the design in! Kim frets over losing it, and soon has to face the evil flesh-eating-blossom-spewing Spit Flower monster.
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