Fun in the during...Coming Up Soon: The Mid-Season Finale of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 4 and the Seasons 1 & 2 with the Beetleborgs.


Wolfgang's recurring daydream of causing a mutiny becomes reality when Wolfie accidentally returns Flabber to the pipe organ.

Vexor's Last LaughEdit

The Beetleborgs take a beating from Borgslayer and finally escape to Hillhurst, where they must rescue Flabber.

Found and LostEdit

Tommy discovers the truth about Sam Trueheart’s young son David, and together they complete a mystical Arrowhead they each own a part of. David explains that the Arrow contains great powers, and cannot fall into the hands of the forces of evil, which King Mondo happens to soon learn, and makes preparations to take it, even if it means capturing David to do so.

The Mutiny Part 1Edit

Whilst out motocrossing for a charity event race, the Power Rangers witness strange occurrences in the sky. The cause of this is revealed to be the arrival of Lord Zedd, Rita’s superior. Tired of Rita’s failures, Lord Zedd exiles her and takes control himself, vowing to finish the Power Rangers off once and for all.

The Mutiny Part 2Edit

Pirantishead successfully freezes most of the Dinozords barring the Tyrannosaurus, which he instead turns against the Power Rangers. The Dragonzord also suffers the same fate. With two of their most powerful vetches under Lord Zedd’s control, Zordon & Alpha are forced to upgrade their defenses, and provide the Power Rangers with new Thunderzords.

Ninja Quest Part 1Edit

Rita Repulsa’s brother Rito comes to Earth and leads an ambush that causes the destruction of the Power Rangers Power Coins & Zords.

Ninja Quest Part 2Edit

The Power Rangers, having lost their powers are sent on a dangerous mission to The Desert of Despair to locate Ninjor who will be able to provide them with new powers.

Ninja Quest Part 3Edit

The Power Rangers locate the Temple of Power, and within find its occupant Ninjor. With his help, the Power Rangers soon undergo a ritual that provides them with new powers. Meanwhile, outside the temple the Tenga Warriors continue to gather.


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