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Combat of a Fun - Kids Next Door is a episode to during fun with...KND. The Spies (Sam, Clover, Alex & Britney) goes on the mission & fight Black Narcissus and the army of team monsters. a fun combat with...KND Sector V Operatives.

Horror HotelEdit

  • Flabber and the House Monsters turn Hillhurst into "The Horror Hotel" to raise money for renovations.

When Push Comes to ShoveEdit

  • Cassie loses her diary, which she believes may contain a picture of her that would reveal her identity as a Power Ranger. Meanwhile, Prof. Phenomenus unveils a new plutonium fuel. Astronema becomes aware of this, and has the Elephantitan monster try to topple the skyscraper the fuel is being stored in.

The Great EvilyzerEdit

  • A new weapon enables Astronema to turn virtually anything evil which leads the Space Rangers to face a corrupted Delta Megaship.

Grandma MatchmakerEdit

  • Ashley’s grandmother arrives for a visit in order to get Ashley a husband. Meanwhile. Astronema sends down Mamamite to plant her babies in the soils of Angel Grove.

The Barillian StingEdit

  • Carlos & Cassie become infected with the sting of an alien creature deployed by the treacherous Darkonda.

Black Narcissus and his MonstersEdit

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