Codename Kids Next Door The TV Special Movie: Operation Power Rangers Studios All-Star is a tv special movie to during fun with the summer of Power Rangers All-Star with...the best host as...Harvey Garvey with the Kids Next Door.

Lights, Camera, ActionEdit

The Power Rangers are expected to appear on national television to deliver a message of peace, but Lord Zedd tries to interfere by creating a monster out of a television camera.

Scent of a WeaselEdit

A mishap caused by a bungling Skull inspires Queen Machina to create a machine that will disperse a stench so overwhelming, the Zeo Rangers will not be able to overcome it in battle.

Shell ShockedEdit

Astronema successfully captures and brainwashes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, forcing them to do her bidding and lure the Space Rangers into a false sense of trust.

Fire In Your TankEdit

Torch Tiger ingests super fuel developed by the Turbo Rangers and gains the power to breath incredible amounts of fire.

Attack of the Brain SuckersEdit

Nukus is angry when publisher Rudy McDougal refuses to devote a comic book to his new Brain Sucker monster.

Showbiz Monster and the Metarex CommandersEdit

Red Pine and his MonstersEdit


  • A Power Ranger TV Movie Special to brought the best of the number one show.
  • The Kids Next Door will be appear in the Harvey Garvey Show.
  • from Sonic X Episode 70: Showbiz Monster amongs with the Metarex Commanders to destroy the town & cities into on the scene style.
  • The Spies into action battle of the monsters with Red Pine are: Stenchy, Electrotramp, Torch Tiger and Brain Sucker.
  • Red Pine was defeated by the Spies Sam, Clover and Alex (from Totally Spies).
  • The Electrotramp monster is a repaint hybrid of an unused Ohranger monster's head and the body of Varox (from PRZ's "Do I Know You?").
  • The stars of Saban's short-lived live action series, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (Raphael, Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, & Venus) guest star on this episode. None of their voice or hero-suit actors from that series were involved, due to it being a Canadian show, and this being a California-based one.
  • Bulk and Skull reading the comic book was "Saban's Big Bad Beetleborgs" & the history on tv was "Monster Mother" the main villain of a ruler.
  • A World TV Movie Premiere of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
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